Definitions of drew

  1.   United States actor born in Ireland father of Georgiana Emma Barrymore 1827 1862
  2.   of Draw
  3.   Past tense of the transitive and intransitive verb draw
  4.   Did draw pa t of DRAW
  5.   Imp of DRAW v

Quotes of drew

  1. No author ever drew a character consistent to human nature but he was forced to ascribe to it many inconsistencies – Robert Bulwer-Lytton
  2. And when I was born I drew in the common air and fell upon the earth which is of like nature and the first voice which I uttered was crying as all others do – Solomon Ibn Gabirol
  3. The sizes and shapes of the panels have never been important to my stories It has always been the words and images that drew me in kind of like watching a movie – Jaime Hernandez
  4. The first two Prime Ministers whom I served Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher drew strikingly different lessons from the Second World War – Douglas Hurd
  5. At Leeds the idea of an international labour organization appeared in a trade -union text which also drew attention to the danger to the working classes inherent in the existence of international capitalist competition – Leon Jouhaux
  6. I went to a Catholic high school and it seemed like every time I drew something for a class project it either got thrown away by the teacher or something – Mike Judge
  7. The beginning of Book Three is the last one that I drew where V's conducting the 1812 overture – David Lloyd
  8. I've been very successful doing voices in movies I did Olive the Other Reindeer with Drew Barrymore and I did Cats and Dogs My children came to some of the sessions – Joe Pantoliano
  9. But when I went on the stage to do a show I would put on makeup because I felt that it enhanced my act it drew attention to what I was doing – Little Richard
  10. I watched television a little but I mostly just drew and read magazines – Stephen Sprouse
  11. I was a big Nancy Drew reader Nancy figures it out Case closed – Sarah Vowell
  12. I met Drew Barrymore in New York and she said she liked the band That was really cool I grew up on her – Meg White
  13. We've lost something that's been with us for so long and something that drew a lot of us into mathematics But perhaps that's always the way with math problems and we just have to find new ones to capture our attention – Andrew Wiles
  14. The eldest and biggest of the litter was a dog cub and when he drew his first breath he was less than five inches long from his nose to where his tail joined his back -bone – Henry Williamson

Usage examples for drew

  1. Let me see what they look like and he drew Rowland nearer to the light – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. “ I drew on him – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  3. She drew back from all thoughts and tried to close the door upon them – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  4. Then she said It isn't that Mr Drew – The Heritage of the Hills by Arthur P. Hankins
  5. The Tailholt Mountain man drew back another step – When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright
  6. And they drew lots ” – Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome
  7. He rose shook himself together drew a long breath – Flamsted quarries by Mary E. Waller
  8. Then he drew his chair up to a table and announced that he was ready to talk business – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  9. It was the spring of the year and the going was dreadful and when they got to the house John Hathorn had just died and he had been calling for his wife up to 'most the last breath he drew – Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett
  10. When the old man had gone Jill drew near – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre
  11. “ Stephen drew a long breath – Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir by Charles Garvice
  12. “ I drew her to me and said How did he do it – Pan by Knut Hamsun
  13. “ Andrew drew a quick breath – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  14. “ I drew my chair up beside her – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  15. Mabel drew a long breath – Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson
  16. Both girls left the room as Horace drew a chair to the bed – From the Valley of the Missing by Grace Miller White
  17. “ I drew near with a kind of fear but yet I came to the door and looked in – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  18. He drew her to one side and they had a long quiet conversation – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  19. “ David drew it out into the light and opened it – The Mountain Girl by Payne Erskine
  20. Betty drew in her breath sharply – Betty Trevor by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey

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