Quotes of Dreams

  1. For all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams – Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  2. Like dreams statistics are a form of wish fulfillment. – Jean Baudrillard
  3. Take pleasure in your dreams relish your principles and drape your purest feelings on the heart of a precious lover. – Giotto di Bondone
  4. We should be dreaming. We grew up as kids having dreams but now we're too sophisticated as adults, as a nation. We stopped dreaming. We should always have dreams – Herb Brooks
  5. Good dreams don't come cheap, you've got to pay for them and If you just dream when you're asleep this is no way for them to come alive... to survive. – Harry Chapin
  6. War is eternity jammed into frantic minutes that will fill a lifetime with dreams and nightmares. – John Cory
  7. I wanted to raise the voice of a lot of the people that I knew growing up, and this was, for the most part, poor people who had extraordinary dreams but also very amazing obstacles. – Edwidge Danticat
  8. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney
  9. The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. – Sigmund Freud
  10. Men act out like they're horrified by marriage, but when they find the woman of their dreams they love it. – Rachel Hunter
  11. We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams – Jeremy Irons
  12. The permanent temptation of life is to confuse dreams with reality. The permanent defeat of life comes when dreams are surrendered to reality. – James A. Michener
  13. A player dreams of being a superstar, but he doesn't want people flocking all over him asking for an autograph. – Dennis Rodman
  14. Keep true to the dreams of your youth. – Friedrich Schiller
  15. Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. – Virginia Woolf

Usage examples for Dreams

  1. They were tired of dreams and dreaming. – A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood
  2. How like to wine it is, which is full of dreams – Plays of Near & Far by Lord Dunsany
  3. Lonely and miserable, she thought of the prince of her dreams – Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen by Alexander Chodsko
  4. But, haven't you noticed, it's the ones who dream who find their dreams come true. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis
  5. If you get too tired you'll have bad dreams – You Never Know Your Luck, Complete Being The Story Of A Matrimonial Deserter by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  6. He began now to believe that Elina's delightful plans might be carried out, and that the dreams of happiness of which she so often told him might some day come to pass. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  7. Somehow last night had seemed to realize her dreams – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  8. Everything was coming up to his dreams – Molly Brown's Orchard Home by Nell Speed
  9. It brings bad luck to speak of bad dreams – Grey Roses by Henry Harland
  10. In the first place I don't think Betty yet dreams that she is beginning to care seriously for this young German and perhaps she won't if no one says anything to her. – The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas by Margaret Vandercook
  11. Lindaberry was in her thoughts all the evening, and again in her dreams that night. – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  12. Dreams cannot picture a world so fair. – My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett
  13. " Could you drive me utterly out of your thoughts, your dreams – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  14. I looked round me, half dazed still from my dreams – The House by the Lock by C. N. Williamson
  15. Their dreams had, of course, changed from time to time. – The Trumpeter Swan by Temple Bailey
  16. How long I might have continued in these wild dreams I know not. – The Bible in Spain by George Borrow
  17. Yet, and yet- dreams all! – Norston's Rest by Ann S. Stephens
  18. And, dream of his dreams – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  19. It is quite the same with dreams – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  20. Their dreams were coming true. – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey

Rhymes for Dreams