Definitions of drawer

  1.   an artist skilled at drawing
  2.   the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else
  3.   a boxlike container in a piece of furniture made so as to slide in and out
  4.   One who or that which draws
  5.   One who draws liquor for guests a waiter in a taproom
  6.   One who delineates or depicts a draughtsman as a good drawer
  7.   A sliding box or receptacle in a case which is opened by pulling or drawing out and closed by pushing in
  8.   An under garment worn on the lower limbs
  9.   Relating to or characterized by a draft or current of air
  10.   One who draws a bill of exchange or order for payment the correlative of drawee
  11.   One who draws a draftsman a sliding boxlike arrangement for holding clothes papers ect one who issues a bill of exchange or an order for the payment of money
  12.   He or that which draws a thing drawn out like the sliding box in a case pl a close under garment for the lower limbs
  13.   One who draws a bill a sliding box
  14.   One who draws formerly a waiter
  15.   A sliding receptacle as in a bureau table etc
  16.   A close under garment worn on the lower limbs A chest of drawers an article of furniture containing drawers
  17.   One who draws as water from a well or liquors from a cask that which has the power of attraction c he who draws a bill of exchange or an order for the payment of money a sliding box in a case or table which is drawn at pleasure
  18.   That which is drawn
  19.   One who draws a bill of exchange a sliding box in a table chest of drawers a case of sliding boxes for containing household articles

Quotes of drawer

  1. A safe but sometimes chilly way of recalling the past is to force open a crammed drawer If you are searching for anything in particular you don't find it but something falls out at the back that is often more interesting – James M. Barrie
  2. I started doing cartoons when I was about 21 I never thought I would be a cartoonist It happened behind my back I was always a painter and drawer – Lynda Barry
  3. Why does one always ask a writer why they stopped I am sure everyone finds in any drawer a few dear poems – Peter Bichsel
  4. You see we are not machines and we do not have lots of ideas in a drawer – Christo
  5. My desk drawer is filled with all kinds of prayers – Geraldine Ferraro
  6. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do know how to count – Mickey Gilley
  7. I've had this song in a drawer for a long time maybe seven or eight years Every time I'd do an album I'd take it out and listen to it and always liked what it had to say Plus when Garth came in and sang on it that made it really special – Chris LeDoux
  8. Lou Reed is something like a personal favorite of mine but you could always put me into that drawer of singers who can't really sing who speak their songs – Stephen Malkmus
  9. I never really thought we'd fitted into the cross -over drawer But I think the real Sugar Ray fans did like us because we always had variety and because we experimented a lot – Mark McGrath
  10. The corsets I wore in The Railway Children are still in my undies drawer a prized relic of my favourite film – Dinah Sheridan
  11. You're like the girl who left her shadow in the drawer but when she went to get it it wasn't there – Wayne Shorter
  12. Better that you should take the chance of trying something that is close to your heart you think is what you want to write and if they do not publish it put it in your drawer But maybe another day will come and you will find a place to put that – Gay Talese
  13. I have a lot of cooking tools In fact I have a whole drawer full of knives Cooking tools especially cutlery are my toys – Martin Yan

Usage examples for drawer

  1. “ I forgot the sugar and she went to get four pieces of sugar from a drawer and gave them to me saying That's why he wouldn't start you had no sugar – Parisian Points of View by Ludovic Halévy Commentator: Brander Matthews
  2. Open it said T X and Lexman turned the key and pulled the drawer open – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace
  3. He showed me where the packet was and how to open the drawer – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  4. “ Sherrill put the papers back in their envelope and the envelope back into the drawer which he relocked ” – The Indian Drum by William MacHarg Edwin Balmer
  5. “ Lizaveta arose took from her drawer a key handed it to Hermann and gave him the necessary instructions ” – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  6. “ Amherst rolled up the plan with a sigh and pushed it into the drawer of the table – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton
  7. She turned again to the drawer – The Turnstile by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  8. She had meant to tell her mother here and now that for four days past she had been Bob Collingham s wife and had a hundred dollars in her top bureau drawer –  by
  9. The banker took it out of a drawer and silently shoved it across the counter and through a little opening in the wire netting – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  10. The Sunday after her death as some of her friends were sadly trying to replace the tracts in the table drawer just as she would have liked them arranged a white dove flew down and rested on the window sill outside – Miss Ellis's Mission by Mary P. Wells Smith
  11. Invalid or not I should have a romance in a drawer if not behind a pillow and I might as well be true and say so – The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2) by Frederic G. Kenyon
  12. He takes it from the drawer in your table – The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  13. The superintendent dropped his papers wearily into a drawer and turned the key – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  14. On my addressing her she turned round suddenly and became at first deep scarlet then pale as death while turning to the table she hurriedly threw her letters into a drawer and motioned me to a place beside her – The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete by Charles James Lever (1806-1872)
  15. He had opened no drawer – Cousin Henry by Anthony Trollope
  16. At last after five minutes had passed which seemed like as many hours everything was quite still so I gave the drawer another pull – A Fluttered Dovecote by George Manville Fenn
  17. “ I don't know where I'll put 'em all there an't no place in our room at least no very nice place said Gerty glancing at the open drawer in which Mrs Sullivan was placing the little dress adding it to a pile of neatly folded garments – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins
  18. The old cashier had gone out to luncheon leaving the key in his drawer a most extraordinary thing – Fromont and Risler, Complete by Alphonse Daudet Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  19. It's in the drawer of my wash stand – Wyoming, a Story of the Outdoor West by William MacLeod Raine
  20. Look for it in the next drawer June you will find it there – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell

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