Definitions of draught

  1. To draw out; to call forth. See Draft.
  2. To diminish or exhaust by drawing.
  3. To draw in outline; to make a draught, sketch, or plan of, as in architectural and mechanical drawing.
  4. To draw. Also, draft.
  5. More commonly DRAFT, to draw out.
  6. To conscript.
  7. To draw off; to make a rough sketch of; to call forth.
  8. a dose of liquid medicine; " he took a sleeping draft"
  9. the depth of a vessel's keel below the surface ( especially when loaded)
  10. The act of moving loads by drawing, as by beasts of burden, and the like.
  11. The drawing of a bowstring.
  12. Act of drawing a net; a sweeping the water for fish.
  13. The act of drawing liquor into the mouth and throat; the act of drinking.
  14. A sudden attack or drawing upon an enemy.
  15. The act of selecting or detaching soldiers; a draft ( see Draft, n., 2)
  16. The act of drawing up, marking out, or delineating; representation.
  17. That which is taken by sweeping with a net.
  18. The quantity drawn in at once in drinking; a potion or potation.
  19. A sketch, outline, or representation, whether written, designed, or drawn; a delineation.
  20. A current of air moving through an inclosed place, as through a room or up a chimney.
  21. That which draws
  22. A team of oxen or horses.
  23. A sink or drain; a privy.
  24. A mild vesicatory; a sinapism; as, to apply draughts to the feet.
  25. Capacity of being drawn; force necessary to draw; traction.
  26. The depth of water necessary to float a ship, or the depth a ship sinks in water, especially when laden; as, a ship of twelve feet draught.
  27. An allowance on weighable goods. [ Eng.] See Draft, 4.
  28. A move, as at chess or checkers.
  29. The bevel given to the pattern for a casting, in order that it may be drawn from the sand without injury to the mold.
  30. The depth to which a vessel sinks in the water.
  31. The force drawn; a detachment; - in this sense usually written draft.
  32. An order for the payment of money; - in this sense almost always written draft.
  33. The act of drawing; that which is drawn.
  34. The act of drinking; a drink.
  35. Act of drawing: force needed to draw: the act of drinking: the quantity drunk at a time: outline of a picture: that which is taken in a net by drawing: a chosen detachment of men: a current of air: the depth to which a ship sinks in the water.
  36. Act of drawing; force needed to draw; quantity drunk at once; outline; sketch; current of air; depth to which a ship sinks in water.
  37. A current of air.
  38. The act of drawing; a haul; pull; drag.
  39. A plan; sketch.
  40. A money order; bill of exchange.
  41. A military or naval conscription.
  42. An exhausting demand.
  43. The act of drawing; the capacity of being drawn; the act of drinking; the quantity of liquor drunk at once; a current of air; the act of delineating; sketching; that which is delineated or sketched; a rough sketch in writing; the act of drawing a net for fish; that which is taken in a net by drawing; the drawing or bending of a bow; the act of drawing off men from a military band, army, or post; the detachment drawn off; a drain; an order for the payment of money; the depth of water necessary to float a ship.
  44. That which is drawn
  45. That which is dragged or drawn; the act of drawing, or quality of being drawn; force necessary to draw; act of drinking, or the quantity drunk at once; the number of fish caught at one drag of the net; a detachment or number drawn away, as men from an army; the depth to which a ship sinks in water when afloat; a current of air; a delineation or representation of a thing by lines; in Scrip., a sink; a privy- see Matt. xv. 17.
  46. Used for drawing vehicles, loads, etc.; as, a draught beast; draught hooks.
  47. Relating to, or characterized by, a draft, or current of air.
  48. Used in making drawings; as, draught compasses.
  49. Drafty.
  50. For drawing, as a horse; drawn off, as liquor. See Draft.