Definitions of dragon

  1. A fabulous animal, generally represented as a monstrous winged serpent or lizard, with a crested head and enormous claws, and regarded as very powerful and ferocious.
  2. A fierce, violent person, esp. a woman.
  3. A constellation of the northern hemisphere figured as a dragon; Draco.
  4. A luminous exhalation from marshy grounds, seeming to move through the air as a winged serpent.
  5. A small arboreal lizard of the genus Draco, of several species, found in the East Indies and Southern Asia. Five or six of the hind ribs, on each side, are prolonged and covered with weblike skin, forming a sort of wing. These prolongations aid them in making long leaps from tree to tree. Called also flying lizard.
  6. A variety of carrier pigeon.
  7. A fabulous winged creature, sometimes borne as a charge in a coat of arms.
  8. A very large, imaginary animal represented in fables or stories as a winged serpent or lizard; a fierce person.
  9. A fabulous winged serpent: the constellation Draco: a fierce person: the flying lizard of the E. Indies.
  11. A fabulous winged serpent; flying lizard.
  12. A faboulous, serpent - like, winged monster.
  13. A mythical and legendary impersonation of the evil principle, conceived of as a monstrous winged saurian armed with deadly powers, and the slaying of which is represented as the crowning triumph in the lives of gods and heroes; a fiery shooting meteor; a fierce violent person, specially a spiteful woman; a short carbine with a dragon's head, hung by a swivel to the belt of a dragoon; a constellation of the northern hemisphere; a genus of saurian reptiles, to which the draco volans belongs. See Draco.
  14. A fabulous winged creature; a genus of reptiles of the E. I.; a constellation; in Scot., a paper kite; a serpent; in Scrip., the devil.
  15. Flerce; destructive.