Usage examples for dove

  1. They let him go then; and he went to the chapel and looked at a dove above the young John's head. – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. This is true even in the most innocent of dove- cots, where satire is still as playful and harmless as summer lightning. – A Houseful of Girls by Sarah Tytler
  3. The good confessor took the hundred sequins and gave me a receipt, telling me that in interesting myself on behalf of Mariuccia I was making happy a most pure and innocent dove, whom he had confessed since she was five years old, and that he had often told her that she might communicate without making her confession because he knew she was incapable of mortal sin. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  4. Anyhow, if I ain't no dove of peace, I'm goin' to do the best I can. – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs
  5. Whither so swift thy flight, Delicate dove most white? – Four Plays of Gil Vicente by Gil Vicente
  6. Mourning or Carolina Dove. – Bird-Neighbors by Blanchan, Neltje
  7. Several days after this, the dove was again sitting in a tree. – Fifty Fabulous Fables by Lida Brown McMurry
  8. Sylvia is a demure little dove that has pulled over itself an owl's skin, and is much prouder of its wicked old feathers than of its innocent heart; but Georgiana- what is she? – A Kentucky Cardinal by James Lane Allen
  9. Lohengrin, seeing that his beloved has now a protector, springs into the skiff, whose chain is caught by the dove, and rapidly drawn out of sight. – Stories of the Wagner Opera by H. A. Guerber
  10. But I should be bored by the domestic dove. – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  11. One day, when out with my gun, I shot a wild cat, the skin of which made me a cap; and I found some birds of the dove tribe, which built their nests in the holes of rocks. – Robinson Crusoe In Words of One Syllable by Mary Godolphin
  12. She was a dove. – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  13. Even in her great joy she was as quiet as a dove, and I was not surprised when her husband afterward told me that she was a Quaker. – The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander by Frank R. Stockton
  14. Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground. – The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly
  15. But the dove hung her head, ashamed of her companion, and said very simply: O Master Owl, I can only thank you with all my heart for the hospitality and shelter which you have given me this night. – Good Stories For Great Holidays Arranged for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott
  16. Once, however, the dove came and said, " Wilt thou do something for my sake?" – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  17. The dove would not fly in the air which was burdened by such tidings. – Papers from Overlook-House by Casper Almore
  18. " That innocent little kitten knows no more what she has undertaken than if she were a dove," said Marion, dismay and discomfort struggling in her face. – The Chautauqua Girls At Home by Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden