Definitions of dock

  1. to cut off, as the end of a thing; to curtail; to cut short; to clip; as, to dock the tail of a horse.
  2. To cut off a part from; to shorten; to deduct from; to subject to a deduction; as, to dock one's wages.
  3. To cut off, bar, or destroy; as, to dock an entail.
  4. To draw, law, or place ( a ship) in a dock, for repairing, cleaning the bottom, etc.
  5. To cut off or curtail; diminish; bring to a pier, and moor, as a ship.
  6. To cut short: to curtail: to cut off: to clip.
  7. To place in a dock.
  8. To cut short; curtail; palce in a dock.
  9. To shorten; cut off, as the tail of a horse.
  10. To lay up in or as in dock.
  11. deprive someone of benefits, as a penalty
  12. haul into a dock; " dock the ships"
  13. deduct from someone's wages
  14. To cut short; to curtail; to cut off; to deduct from; to destroy or defeat.
  15. To draw or place a ship in a dock.
  16. To cut or lop off the end of a thing; to curtail; to shorten.
  17. landing in a harbor next to a pier where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired; may have gates to let water in or out; " the ship arrived at the dock more than a day late"
  18. an enclosure in a court of law where the defendant sits during the trial
  19. a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded
  20. come into dock; " the ship docked"
  21. A genus of plants ( Rumex), some species of which are well- known weeds which have a long taproot and are difficult of extermination.
  22. A case of leather to cover the clipped or cut tail of a horse.
  23. The place in court where a criminal or accused person stands.
  24. An artificial basin or an inclosure in connection with a harbor or river, - used for the reception of vessels, and provided with gates for keeping in or shutting out the tide.
  25. The slip or water way extending between two piers or projecting wharves, for the reception of ships; - sometimes including the piers themselves; as, to be down on the dock.
  26. A place for keeping ships; the place where a prisoner stands in a court to be tried; a coarse weed with broad leaves; the solid part of the tail of a horse.
  27. A troublesome weed with large leaves and a long root, difficult to eradicate.
  28. The part of a tail left after clipping.
  29. An inclosure or artificial basin near a harbor or river, for the reception of vessels: the box in court where the accused stands.
  30. Artificial basin for ships; a coarse large- leaved weed.
  31. Any one of various plants of the buckwheat family.
  32. An artificial basin for vesseis; also, a wharf.
  33. An enclosed space for prisoners in a court - room.
  34. The stump of a tail.
  35. The rumex, a genus of plants of several species.
  36. The tail of a beast cut short; the stump; a case of leather to cover the stump.
  37. A broad deep trench on the side of a harbour, or bank of a river, in which ships are built or repaired; an artificial enclosure or basin for the reception of ships; the place where a criminal stands in court. Wet- docks, docks for the purpose of loading and unloading vessels. Dry- docks, docks for building and repairing them. A Naval dock, a place provided with all sorts of stores and materials for the royal navy. A dock company, a corporate body or association owning docks.
  38. The tail of a beast cut short; the solid part of the tail; a term applied to several plants having leaves broad in proportion to their length, as sour- dock, burdock.
  39. The inclosure or box in which a criminal is placed at his trial.
  40. An inclosed basin for repairing ships; a large pond at the side of a river, or at its mouth, where the water is kept out by flood- gates till the ship is built or repaired; the water- way extending between two wharves.