Definitions of district

  1. To divide into limited districts District court, a court which has cognizance of certain causes within a district defined by law District judge, the judge of a district court District school, a school within a certain district of a town District surveyor, a local officer legally appointed to superintend repairs, examine buildings, & c. Military districts, the respective portions into which the country is divided for the convenience of command, as the northern, south- western, and western. See Distrain.
  2. The territory within which the lord has the power of coercing and punishing.
  3. A division of territory; a defined portion of a state, town, or city, etc., made for administrative, electoral, or other purposes; as, a congressional district, judicial district, land district, school district, etc.
  4. Any portion of territory of undefined extent; a region; a country; a tract.
  5. Province; territory; region or tract of country; circuit; division; as, a school district.
  6. ( orig.) The territory within which a superior had a right to distrain or otherwise exercise authority: a portion of territory defined or undefined: a region.
  7. A portion of territory; region.
  8. A portion of territory specially set off; a region; tract.
  9. A limited extent of country; a circuit of territory or a town within which power, right, or authority may be exercised, and to which it is restrained; a definite region; a portion of territory without very definite limits.
  10. A limited extent of country; a part of a country or city defined by law or by agreement.
  11. applicable to or serving the needs of a particular district; " the district courts"
  12. Rigorous; stringent; harsh.