Usage examples for distinctive

  1. If we are a distinctive and unique nation,- if we hold a distinctive and unique place among the nations of the globe,- it is because you and I and the other inhabitants of our country have developed distinctive and unique ideals and prejudices and standards, all of which unite to produce a community of conduct. – Craftsmanship in Teaching by William Chandler Bagley
  2. They are made with distinctive forms so that they may be easily distinguished, one from the other. – The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen by Kenneth Ward
  3. Her commerce has not only wasted to the shadow of its former magnitude, but it has also almost entirely lost its distinctive character. – Venetian Life by W. D. Howells
  4. Portugal possessed a distinctive language of Latin origin and already cherished a literature of no mean proportions. – A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1. by Carlton J. H. Hayes
  5. The social and industrial life which has developed there by mere coincidence, or of direct cause, is distinctive and peculiar to that part of the United States which has a French background, though it now has made itself felt throughout the nation. – The French in the Heart of America by John Finley
  6. From these several facts we can to a certain extent understand the means through which the great size and more or less rounded form of the skull has been acquired by man; and these are characters eminently distinctive of him in comparison with the lower animals. – The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, Vol. I (1st edition) by Charles Darwin
  7. Following this conviction, it was quite natural that, when the work of the Larger Parish was undertaken, considerable attention should be paid to that part of the life of the people that is often thought to lie outside of the distinctive realm of religion. – The Making of a Country Parish by Harlow S. (Harlow Spencer) Mills
  8. To busy himself with the smallest details is a distinctive characteristic of the man. – Across Asia on a Bicycle by Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben
  9. We should, however, do the author the justice to refer to the one distinctive experience he seems to have gathered in his marine retreat. – A Cursory History of Swearing by Julian Sharman
  10. The clear air and the distance the view commands give the landscape a distinctive charm. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  11. 4. Their distinctive status. – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  12. This is Eucken's distinctive message to- day. – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones
  13. Now this doctrine is one of the distinctive notes of Christianity. – Thoughts on Religion by George John Romanes
  14. Nevertheless with respect to the distinctive character of Morse's improvements, and his title to a peculiar place among those through whose labors the electric telegraph " grew," there can be no question. – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  15. The stamps for each Department have their own distinctive color, as follows: For the Executive, carmine; State Department, green; Treasury Department, velvet- brown; War Department, cochineal red; Navy Department, blue; Interior Department, vermilion; Department of Justice, purple; Department of Agriculture, straw; and for the Post Office Department, black. – History of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America by John Kerr Tiffany
  16. If you were to suggest that the costume selected might be adopted as the national dress for India, you would be assured that no one would consent to wear it except the little group of people whose distinctive garb it is. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin
  17. Is it probable that he, whose teaching proves him to have been in sympathy with the temper and the practical purpose of that Book, should never have yielded to the use of its distinctive and haunting style? – Jeremiah by George Adam Smith