Definitions of dissolution

  1.   the termination of a meeting
  2.   the termination of a relationship
  3.   separation into component parts
  4.   dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure
  5.   the process of going into solution the dissolving of salt in water
  6.   The act of dissolving sundering or separating into component parts separation
  7.   Change from a solid to a fluid state solution by heat or moisture liquefaction melting
  8.   Change of form by chemical agency decomposition resolution
  9.   The dispersion of an assembly by terminating its sessions the breaking up of a partnership
  10.   The extinction of life in the human body separation of the soul from the body death
  11.   The state of being dissolved or of undergoing liquefaction
  12.   The new product formed by dissolving a body a solution
  13.   Destruction of anything by the separation of its parts ruin
  14.   Corruption of morals dissipation dissoluteness
  15.   A term used instead of divorce in some states
  16.   The act of dissolving or converting into liquid death disorganization
  17.   The breaking up of an assembly change from a solid to a liquid state a melting separation of a body into its original elements decomposition destruction death
  18.   Act of dissolving death
  19.   The act of dissolving separation disintegration decomposition death
  20.   The act of liquefying or melting the reduction of a body into very minute parts by a solvent as of salts in water decomposition solution or death the separation of the soul and body destruction or the separation of the parts which compose a connected system or body the breaking up of an assembly or the putting an end to its existence dissoluteness Dissolution of the blood that state of the blood in which when withdrawn from the body it does not readily coagulate on cooling as in malignant fevers See Dissolve

Quotes of dissolution

  1. The dissolution of the Party we will not let such a tremendous big and glorious party be so easily crashed this would then be the moment when we would begin to fight on all fronts – Otto Bauer
  2. The death tax is one of the leading causes of the dissolution of small businesses – Christopher Bond
  3. As I pass it I feel as if I saw a dear old mother sweet in her weakness trembling at the approach of her dissolution but not appealing to me against the inevitable rather endeavouring to reassure me by her patience and pointing to a hopeful future – Thomas Edward Brown
  4. Even papists could not see that a moral evil was detained in the soul through its physical connection with the body and that it required the dissolution of this physical connection before the moral contagion could be removed – Adam Clarke
  5. These are strange times Reason which once combatted faith and seemed to have conquered it now has to look to faith to save it from dissolution – Johan Huizinga
  6. To paraphrase Winston Churchill I did not take the oath I have just taken with the intention of presiding over the dissolution of the world's strongest economy – Ronald Reagan
  7. It seems like we are moving towards something some kind of point and it is probably going to be an important point in our development or dissolution That is what everybody seems to be thinking – Terry Riley
  8. The dissolution of the trade unions was in the air then – Fritz Sauckel
  9. A drunkard in the gutter is just where he ought to be according to the fitness and tendency of things Nature has set upon him the process of decline and dissolution by which she removes things which have survived their usefulness – William Graham Sumner
  10. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification knowing without thinking merging finitude in infinity – Voltaire
  11. Crime family dissolution welfare and low levels of social organization are fundamentally a consequence of the disappearance of work – William J. Wilson

Usage examples for dissolution

  1. Left to themselves they would hasten to dissolution and the man would thus die a second time that is to say he would be annihilated – Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology And Guide To The Study Of Antiquities In Egypt by Gaston Camille Charles Maspero
  2. The London County Council itself was unwilling to undertake elementary education and the School Board like all other bodies in such circumstances vehemently objected to its own dissolution – The History of the Fabian Society by Edward R. Pease
  3. Came to Canada with his mother 1825 Educated at Nicolet College studied law and called to the bar 1836 Elected to the Assembly for Montreal 1843 but prevented from taking his seat by the dissolution of the Assembly – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  4. Besides which the fifteen francs a day will be a fortune to them and they will be terrified by the threat of a dissolution – Correspondence & Conversations of Alexis de Tocqueville with Nassau William Senior from 1834 to 1859, Vol. 2 by Alexis de Tocqueville
  5. The state of decay into which those institutions had already fallen and which alone made their dissolution possible must have extended itself to these fen lands – Prose Idylls by Charles Kingsley
  6. Quite towards the end when the dissolution had already attacked the brain the Grand Duke made one wish clear which though scarcely understood was hastily complied with although its fulfilment could not do the slightest good to the Grand Duke – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  7. Thou hast been my evil angel and I will be thine I will dog thee till the very instant of dissolution – Journeys Through Bookland Volume Four by Charles H. Sylvester
  8. The hope of worldly elevation which had sprung up with so sudden and brilliant a flame faded slowly away and in its partial death the pains of dissolution were felt – The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  9. The legislature chosen in May was apparently unfit for the work now to be done for the extraordinary step of a dissolution was decided on and a new election held under circumstances in which it was easy to secure the return of suitable candidates ” – The Emancipation of Massachusetts by Brooks Adams
  10. There can be no possible doubt that if marriage is to remain and become moral there must be an easier dissolution of its bonds – The Truth About Woman by C. Gasquoine Hartley
  11. The question of a dissolution begins to press – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  12. Though the patricians had at first worn the appearance of mere wax work they now began to wax warm which led to their speedy dissolution for the Gauls falling violently upon them converted the whole scene into a chamber of horrors – The Comic History of Rome by Gilbert Abbott Becket
  13. This dissolution however only has respect to the future – The Laws Of War, Affecting Commerce And Shipping by H. Byerley Thomson
  14. We know however very little about them or it but its poverty did not save it of course at the dissolution – England of My Heart--Spring by Edward Hutton
  15. Upon such immutable customs does an ancient State repose which if they are disturbed there is danger of its dissolution – On Nothing & Kindred Subjects by Hilaire Belloc
  16. Amid the confusion which was at once the cause and consequence of a dissolution of government men's minds as well as actions became regardless of all legal restraint – Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete by Matthew L. Davis
  17. Therefore they considered it best to have a dissolution at once by mutual consent rather than by a less desirable mode – The Life of Lyman Trumbull by Horace White
  18. Now let the dissolution of Parliament come with all convenient speed he longed to begin the political conflict – Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing
  19. Now there followed a general dissolution – The Comedienne by Wladyslaw Reymont
  20. But there was no dissolution then – Autobiography of Anthony Trollope by Anthony Trollope