Usage examples for dispossess

  1. But before we dispossess the rooks and the rabbits, let us see to it that, somewhere and somehow, cleaner nests and sweeter holes are provided for them. – London's Underworld by Thomas Holmes
  2. And therefore you must have read of the ability of a spirit to dispossess a body of its original spiritual tenant and occupy its place- Obsession, I interrupted. – Palos of the Dog Star Pack by J. U. Giesy
  3. If he had known her first, he reflected, he should doubtless have made an attempt to dispossess her court; but the warm magnetic influence of Nina Randolph held him, strengthened by her demand upon his sympathy. – A Daughter of the Vine by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  4. The commissioners gave impartial testimony here, for they were trying to dispossess Massachusetts of the government she had assumed over Maine since 1652. They wrote further, that neither Kittery, York, Wells, Scarborough, nor Falmouth had more than thirty houses, and those mean ones. – Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast by Samuel Adams Drake
  5. Then, by a rigid interpretation of the will, you think the societies would be able to dispossess me, if I married Jane, and could not prove this story of Mrs. Peck's to be true. – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  6. I recognize the right of my rival to dispossess us. – Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders or, The Underground Search for the Idol of Gold by Victor Appleton
  7. The company resisted their groundless claims, whereupon they proceeded to destroy some of its buildings and attempted violently to dispossess it. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  8. Magic or the fear of it had saved the situation; but the instincts of loyalty had been fired previously by a character that had many attractive features and never allowed firmness to dispossess justice. – Sketches of the East Africa Campaign by Robert Valentine Dolbey
  9. Lin heard whispers of the reports and somehow she could not entirely dispossess her mind of the idea that the new linen sheets were connected in some way with the ghosts. – Watch Yourself Go By by Al. G. Field
  10. " The Shadow of the Czar" is a stirring story of the romantic attachment of a dashing English officer for Princess Barbara, of the old Polish Principality of Czernova, and the conspiracy of the Duke of Bora, aided by Russia, to dispossess the princess of her throne. – The Dominant Strain by Anna Chapin Ray
  11. It seems unlikely that it can be derived from the British owners of wealth and property whom the Socialists are openly out to dispossess; the only body of financiers which can therefore be suspected of contributing towards this end is the body known as " International Finance," which is mainly, though not exclusively, Jewish. – Secret Societies And Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster
  12. God save us from wanting to dispossess him! – Mentally Defective Children by Alfred Binet Théodore Simon
  13. For this encroachment on the rights of the United States they excuse themselves under the plea of their own necessities; the fact that they dispossess nobody and only enter upon the waste domain: that they give additional value to the public lands in their vicinity, and their intention ultimately to pay the Government price. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  14. He first sent to Hispaniola for an additional number of soldiers, to assist him in the perilous adventure, but instead of receiving these, the only news that reached him by the return of his messengers was, that he would most probably have the command of Darien taken from him, and be punished for assisting to dispossess Enciso. – Peter Parley's Tales About America and Australia by Samuel Griswold Goodrich