Usage examples for dislocation

  1. An everlasting dislocation of combinations. – A Diary Without Dates by Enid Bagnold
  2. By this I received no other injury than the dislocation of one of my wrists. – Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon by J. Emerson Tennent
  3. Financial embarrassment was already closing on him when it broke out, and he could not stand the shock and the general dislocation of the first weeks, as sounder men could. – Missing by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  4. There was no dislocation, the doctors told her, but a very bad wrench. – Love and Lucy by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  5. Young horses that suffer, off and on from dislocation, often lose their liability with increasing strength and age. – The Veterinarian by Chas. J. Korinek
  6. It was plain that the bed on which the vessel rested had dropped so as to bring her upright, and I was convinced by this circumstance alone, that if I used good judgment in disposing of the powder the weight of the mass would complete its own dislocation. – The Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell
  7. He accepted what came to him, either from his ancestors or from other peoples, without scrutiny, except so far as to see that new matter could be worked into old forms without a dislocation in practice. – The Unity of Civilization by Various
  8. The Dutch colonists were often terribly brutal to the natives; nevertheless there is little doubt that a tactful and sympathetic policy could easily have secured for them a more humane treatment, and the abolition of slavery without economic dislocation. – The Framework of Home Rule by Erskine Childers
  9. There was a momentary break, a sense of abruptness and dislocation. – Four Weird Tales by Algernon Blackwood
  10. He found that she had a dislocation of the shoulder, and during the manipulations, in order to make his diagnosis, he almost inevitably inflicted considerable pain. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  11. Indeed, a large and by no means contemptible portion of the world have derived a high degree of enjoyment from the simple confusion and dislocation of terms. – A Cursory History of Swearing by Julian Sharman
  12. Creeping up as close as I dared in the deep shadow of the building, I strained my ears almost to dislocation to catch a few words of the conversation. – 'Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany by Gerald Featherstone Knight
  13. Where the death of the foetus has been induced with criminal intent, it may be due to punctured wounds of the fontanelles, orbits, heart, or spinal marrow; dislocation of the neck; separation of the head from the body; fracture of the bones of the head and face; strangulation; suffocation; drowning in the closet pan or privy, or from being thrown into water. – Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
  14. On the theory of modification by external stimuli we must naturally attribute the dislocation of the eye of the lower side to the muscular effort of the fish to direct this eye to the dorsal edge, but something may also be due to the pressure of the flat ground on the eye- ball. – Hormones and Heredity by J. T. Cunningham
  15. Aside from mere Schrecklichkeit- a desire to carry the terrors of war to English soil- these raids had the legitimate military objects of helping distant cruisers by holding British ships in home waters, of delaying troop movements to France, and of creating a popular clamor that might force a dislocation or division of the Grand Fleet. – A History of Sea Power by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
  16. The United States has sought to use its pre- eminent position of power to help other nations recover from the damage and dislocation of the war. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various