Definitions of director

  1. the person who leads a musical group
  2. member of a board of directors
  3. someone who controls resources and expenditures
  4. someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show
  5. One who, or that which, directs; one who regulates, guides, or orders; a manager or superintendent.
  6. One of a body of persons appointed to manage the affairs of a company or corporation; as, the directors of a bank, insurance company, or railroad company.
  7. A part of a machine or instrument which directs its motion or action.
  8. A slender grooved instrument upon which a knife is made to slide when it is wished to limit the extent of motion of the latter, or prevent its injuring the parts beneath.
  9. A member of the governing board of a corporation, typically elected at an annual meeting of the shareholders. Directors are responsible for making important business decisions -- especially those that legally bind the corporation -- leaving day- to- day management to officers and employees of the corporation. For example, a decision to borrow money, lease an office or buy real property would normally be authorized by the board of directors. However, in the small business world, where it is common for owners to be directors, officers and employees simultaneously, distinctions dividing the roles and responsibilities of these groups are often blurred.
  10. One who guides or shows; one appointed to transact the affairs of a company.
  11. An instrument, usually in the form of a grooved probe or sound, designed for guiding the knife of the operator, in slitting up a sinus, for example, or in the operation of external urethrotomy; called also a guide.
  12. One who directs: a manager or governor: a counsellor: part of a machine or instrument which guides its motion.
  14. One who directs; manager.
  15. One who or that which directs.
  16. One who directs; one who superintends or manages; a counsellor; that which directs, or a rule; one appointed to direct the affairs of a company; that which directs or controls by influence; a guide for an incision- knife.
  17. A manager of a public company or institution.

Quotes of director

  1. I will work with a director who has good material because at the end of the day, that's what counts. – Javier Bardem
  2. Mel is a great director because he's not just a director he's an actor, so he knows how to direct actors. I loved working with him. He's great as a director He's so intelligent. He's generous. I really loved him. – Monica Bellucci
  3. I was six years old when I saw my first Godard movie, eight when I first experienced Bergman. I wanted to be a director when I was fourteen. – Julie Delpy
  4. A disk unbeknownst to the director can go to the producer in another city or in another office and that producer can edit behind the director's back much easier than in the old days. Since these dailies are now put on videotape, more kinds of people have access to dailies. – John Frankenheimer
  5. I'm not an easygoing guy as a director – Ted Kotcheff
  6. As a painter you're responsible yourself, 100 percent. In film, you have the editor, the director the other actors. It has the advantage of not being solitary. – Sylvia Kristel
  7. How people are around a director it really does affect everything, every detail of the life of the movie. – Daniel Day Lewis
  8. The director of course, was Bob Fosse. But again, I worked with my father to prepare for the role. – Liza Minnelli
  9. If you're a director your entire livelihood and your entire creativity is based on your self -confidence. Sometimes that's dangerously close to arrogance. – Trevor Nunn
  10. My interpretation of a strong director is someone who knows their story. That's what directors are, they're storytellers because they're directing where your focus is going to be as an audience. – Dennis Quaid
  11. My biggest role as director on the film is keeping a sense of the overview- how to cast the movie and shoot it in such a way that it will cut together. And how to design the style and tone. – Jay Roach
  12. The guy that made me wanna make movies... and this is off the wall -is a guy named Michael Pal, the British director – George A. Romero
  13. My musical director Mark Cherry, is the most wonderful person who ever lived on God's good green Earth. He's my director he does the arrangements. Really, he does everything- including certain janitorial chores! – Brett Somers
  14. Originally a record producer more or less hired a bunch of professionals to participate in a recording session, the performers and the technicians, and a music director was put in charge. That directly related to a film producer's job. – Tony Visconti
  15. I wanted to do- there was this film called 'Magic' that Anthony Hopkins did. And the director wanted me. The writer wanted me. Joe Levine said no, I don't want any comedians in this. – Gene Wilder

Usage examples for director

  1. It meant little to him if the Company collapsed, and an ordinary Director would have been content with sending counsel through the post in the intervals of fishing and shooting. – A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood
  2. Well, if you can convince the Director of that, you will have all the assistance he can give you. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr
  3. What the records really prove is that O'Higgins, the Supreme Director enjoyed the confidence of the ruling class. – The Hispanic Nations of the New World Volume 50 in The Chronicles Of America Series by William R. Shepherd
  4. I'm going to be a director in this company. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  5. The director passed through. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  6. I may have been a director – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham
  7. Martin Dodge, Director of the Office of Public Road Inquiries. – The Future of Road-making in America by Archer Butler Hulbert
  8. On another occasion a sum of money was missing from the table of the director – Confessions and Criticisms by Julian Hawthorne
  9. " That is Mr. Habback, the director Russ heard the ranchman tell daddy. – Six Little Bunkers at Cowboy Jack's by Laura Lee Hope
  10. She returned it to the director – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  11. Goedereede, 13 Oct 1833. At first a schoolmaster, he became in '60 director of the telegraph bureau at Schoonhoven. – A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
  12. I could see this director was nervous himself by this time, thinking she was too good to be true. – Ma Pettengill by Harry Leon Wilson
  13. It seems he's a director – Ma Pettengill by Harry Leon Wilson
  14. But once when she had told Daniel that the director had sent her a ticket, he learned from Philippina that she had bought the ticket and paid for it with her own money. – The Goose Man by Jacob Wassermann
  15. " Melville, in addition to being president of one of the largest banks in the world, is a director in no less than seventy- three great industrial enterprises, including railways, telegraph companies, savings- banks and life- insurance companies. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  16. Albert was included in those not admitted, and he certainly would have held it against the Duke, had he still been Director but Jean explained to him that Maurice had taken this means of making the rehearsal go more quickly. – The Idol of Paris by Sarah Bernhardt
  17. Mr. Klauser is a native of St. Petersburg, born of German parents; he came to New York in 1850, and was engaged as musical director in Miss Porter's famous school for young ladies in 1855, a post which he filled with credit and ability for many years. – Memories of a Musical Life by William Mason
  18. Director of color and decoration. – The Art of the Exposition by Eugen Neuhaus
  19. Its first effect was to rouse Hambleton to a sharp attention to details- the director the people in the orchestra, the people in the boxes; and then he settled down, thinking his thoughts. – The Stolen Singer by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger