Definitions of dignity

  1. the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect; " it was beneath his dignity to cheat"; " showed his true dignity when under pressure"
  2. The state of being worthy or honorable; elevation of mind or character; true worth; excellence.
  3. Elevation; grandeur.
  4. Elevated rank; honorable station; high office, political or ecclesiastical; degree of excellence; preferment; exaltation.
  5. One holding high rank; a dignitary.
  6. Quality suited to inspire respect or reverence; loftiness and grace; impressiveness; stateliness; - said of en, manner, style, etc.
  7. Elevation of rank; degree of excellence; moral worth; qualities suited to inspire or command respect and reverence; stateliness of manner.
  8. The state of being worthy or dignified: elevation of mind or character: grandeur of mien: elevation in rank, place, etc.: degree of excellence: preferment: high office.
  9. Elevation of rank or character; nobleness; high rank or office.
  10. Grave or stately bearing.
  11. High rank or position; distinction; excellence; worth.
  12. A dignitary.
  13. Nobleness or elevation of mind based on moral rectitude; degree of rank, either in estimation or in the order of nature; grandeur of mien; elevation of deportment; an elevated office, civil or ecelesiastical, giving a high rank in society, or the rank attached to it; the rank or title of a nobleman; one of the three parts of elocution, consisting in the right use of tropes and figures; an advantage which a planet has on account of its being in some particular place of the zodiac, or in a particular station in respect to other planets.
  14. Nobleness or elevation of mind; true honour; grandeur of mien; an office giving high rank with jurisdiction or power; the rank or title of a nobleman.