Definitions of differentiation

  1. ( biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function; " cell differentiation in the developing embryo"
  2. the mathematical process of obtaining the derivative of a function
  3. a discrimination between things as different and distinct; " it is necessary to make a distinction between love and infatuation"
  4. The act of differentiating.
  5. The act of distinguishing or describing a thing, by giving its different, or specific difference; exact definition or determination.
  6. The gradual formation or production of organs or parts by a process of evolution or development, as when the seed develops the root and the stem, the initial stem develops the leaf, branches, and flower buds; or in animal life, when the germ evolves the digestive and other organs and members, or when the animals as they advance in organization acquire special organs for specific purposes.
  7. The supposed act or tendency in being of every kind, whether organic or inorganic, to assume or produce a more complex structure or functions.
  8. The act of separating or classifying; a seeing of unlikenesses between two persons or things.
  9. 1. The acquiring or the possession of character or function different from that of the original type; specialization. 2. Differential diagnosis.
  10. Determination by means of a change producing a differential character; the production of a diversity of parts by a process of evolution or development.
  11. The modification in structure of various organs of the body owing to a division of labour.

Usage examples for differentiation

  1. 34. " differentiation of the ecclesiastic and lay functions": 'ecclestiastic' in original. – The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism by Franz Cumont
  2. Rome had now grown wealthy with the spoils of her extensive victories, and, as always comes to pass with the advent of riches, there had been brought about a great differentiation in the condition of the population. – Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain
  3. This fencing off, differentiation and allocation, these defences of the beautiful and new, and of the temples enshrining them, shall be like the walls round a new sanctuary. – A Tramp's Sketches by Stephen Graham
  4. There has occurred a splitting of the two reactions which ordinarily go hand in hand: the reaction of growth which is just brute increase of total mass or weight and volume, and the reaction of differentiation which is the finer process. – The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.
  5. Men, on the contrary, were more interested in weapons than in tools, and it is quite likely that the first steps which led to the differentiation of tools from weapons was made by a man who had been wounded and thus disabled for the hunt. – The Later Cave-Men by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
  6. It would, however, be vain to pursue our differentiation any further. – Modern Painting by George Moore
  7. When the necessary studies are once organized and departmental work introduced, it is not difficult to arrange for the necessary differentiation of courses in the same school. – What the Schools Teach and Might Teach by John Franklin Bobbitt
  8. Class differentiation is a matter of habit and convention; and in distinction from his betters the common man is common only in point of numbers and in point of the more general and more exacting conditions to which he is exposed. – An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation by Thorstein Veblen
  9. Lyly's pastoral plays form, as it were, a link between the drama and the masque; indeed, when we consider that all the Elizabethan dramatists were students of Lyly, it is possible that comedy and masque may have been evolved from the Lylian mythological play by a process of differentiation – John Lyly by John Dover Wilson
  10. There is little differentiation in the school work offered to helpers, apprentices, and journeymen. – Wage Earning and Education by R. R. Lutz
  11. The differentiation between the transport of latex and coagulum, respectively, is a most important one, and has a powerful influence in determination of the maximum of centralisation possible. –  by
  12. Sex, as we know it, is a differentiation arising from the soul's expression on lower planes. – Elementary Theosophy by L. W. Rogers
  13. There is no organic act which approaches this one in power and force of differentiation – The Truth About Woman by C. Gasquoine Hartley
  14. It is possible that future revisors will recognize additional subspecies, but in the variant populations known to us the degree of differentiation is slight as compared, for instance, with that in the subspecies of Thamnophis elegans. – Occurrence of the Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains by Henry S. Fitch T. Paul Maslin
  15. But there'll be a new and more dangerous differentiation a physical one. – This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch
  16. Along with this growth there has been differentiation – The Social Work of the Salvation Army by Edwin Gifford Lamb
  17. And we must remember that societies, too, are not without a certain differentiation of this kind. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  18. As chemical concepts become more and more those of relationships of interaction in constituting other substances, so physical concepts express more and more relations of operation: mathematical, as expressing functions of dependence and order of grouping; biological, relations of differentiation of descent, effected through adjustment of various environments; and so on through the sphere of the sciences. – How We Think by John Dewey
  19. This is the end of progress; differentiation between self and others has ceased. – Christian Mysticism by William Ralph Inge