Definitions of different

  1.   differing from all others; not ordinary; " advertising that strives continually to be different"; " this new music is certainly different but I don't really like it"
  2.   Distinct; separate; various; unlike.
  3.   distinctly separate from the first; " that's another ( or different) issue altogether"
  4.   distinct or separate; " each interviewed different members of the community"
  5.   Of various or contrary nature, form, or quality; partially or totally unlike; dissimilar; as, different kinds of food or drink; different states of health; different shapes; different degrees of excellence.
  6.   Unlike; distinct.
  7.   Not the same; distinct; other; unlike.
  8.   not like; marked by dissimilarity; " for twins they are very unlike"; " people are profoundly different"
  9.   Distinct; separate; not the same; other.
  10.   Differently.
  11.   Unlike; dissimilar.
  12.   Differing; unlike; not the same.
  13.   unlike in nature or quality or form or degree; " took different approaches to the problem"; " came to a different conclusion"; " different parts of the country"; " on different sides of the issue"; " this meeting was different from the earlier one"
  14.   Distinct: separate: unlike: not the same.

Quotes of different

  1. My work is so unorthodox that from one panel to the next, the drawings are completely different totally opposed to the way of working in something like animation, where every drawing has to look like the one before. – Sergio Aragones
  2. It is, finally, a word is untimely in three different senses, and bearing it as one's treasure will not win one anyone's favours; one rather risks finding oneself outside everyone's camp... Beauty is the word that shall be our first. – Hans Urs von Balthasar
  3. Nothing ever quite dies, it just comes back in a different form. – Lester Bangs
  4. The thing that they were more freaked out was that I had done a spread for Playboy years before, and as Playboy always does, they exploit the exploitation and re -release different pictures. – Nina Blackwood
  5. The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else. was to be indifferent to that difference. – Al Capp
  6. I'm so happy in the projects that I'm able to make, to be involved in projects like this. This isn't always where it was at for me, I started working when I was a kid. I'm just a different person now, I'm 30. I started working when I was 11 and it's a different ballgame. – Jennifer Connelly
  7. I had never done a roast, but I really wanted to, because it's so different from standup. – Dane Cook
  8. Sharon went on to play classical but we actually went into totally different instruments which was lucky for the band because otherwise we'd all be playing the same thing!! – Caroline Corr
  9. Theatre demands different muscles and different aspects of one's personality. – Victor Garber
  10. The poor peasant here hives under conditions quite different from those of Russia. Though often terrible, they are not as appalling as they were there. – Herman Gorter
  11. When they do bring on new people, it's good for the show. It's like getting a new toy. The writers enjoy it because it's a whole new character that they can write for, one that they aren't used to writing for. They can try different things. – Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  12. Whenever I'm free, I spend time with people I love, people that inspire me in many different ways. – Karolina Kurkova
  13. It's the South that maintains the idea that they're different which is interesting because nobody else really cares. – Josh Lucas
  14. Every job is different I don't think that I've ever had that wonderful feeling when you've finished a job or where you feel like you've mastered it or sort of nailed it... You can never be satisfied. If you're satisfied, it's time to retire. – Alfred Molina
  15. I do small cameos here and there but nothing that requires more than a paragraph of talking, because I'm just an amateur. The movie is a whole different reality. – Richard Price

Usage examples for different

  1. With you it was different – Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw
  2. If only I had known, how different things would have been! ” – Long Live the King by Guy Boothby
  3. “ " Why, you see, she's different – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre
  4. Everything was strange and different – Tales by Polish Authors by Various
  5. “ They're different just like men, only they don't know so much. ” – More Portmanteau Plays by Stuart Walker
  6. But with man it's different – The Son of his Father by Ridgwell Cullum
  7. It would make a different woman of your mother. ” – Long Live the King by Guy Boothby
  8. “ " You mean it's different from your others? ” – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  9. If this is so it is quite different to anything else of Perugino's work. ” – Great Masters in Painting: Perugino by George C. Williamson
  10. “ Peter thought he was very different – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  11. Things are very different since that; very different indeed. ” – Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope
  12. Now it was different – Tangle Hold by F. L. Wallace
  13. This time he knew it was different – A Boy I Knew and Four Dogs by Laurence Hutton
  14. But it was different with Isadore. ” – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  15. Of course it is different with you. ” – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope
  16. Or it may have been something quite different – A Book of Quaker Saints by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
  17. And it won't be any different – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  18. Yet that was different – Memoirs of an American Prima Donna by Clara Louise Kellogg
  19. The whole thing would have been different – Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope
  20. Still, things were different – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht

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