Usage examples for Differed

  1. But my opinion widely differed from hers. – A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences by Laura S. Haviland
  2. Irene on the deck of her grandfather's yacht differed in several important particulars from the tremulous girl who clung to him during that blissful journey of the previous night. – The Wheel O' Fortune by Louis Tracy
  3. Of course, too, the sacred musical plays of the fifteenth century differed from our modern operas by their subjects. – The Great Musicians: Rossini and His School by Henry Sutherland Edwards
  4. He differed from his younger brother Grafton as day from night. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  5. Muller attached no especial importance to the affair; but Grant, who did not tell him so, differed in this when he heard of it. – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss
  6. They were absolutely motionless, and differed little from the more distant clumps of dwarf palms that grew everywhere among the huts. – Bye-Ways by Robert Smythe Hichens
  7. The book differed from Progress and Poverty, which also powerfully and directly affected the English working class, in that it suggested a financial scheme, of great apparent simplicity and ingenuity, for the compensation of the landlords; it was shorter, and more easily to be grasped by the average working man; and it was written in a singularly crisp and taking style, and- by the help of a number of telling illustrations borrowed directly from the circumstances of the larger English towns, especially of London- treated with abundant humour. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  8. 3526. You said the prices differed at certain shops in town: would you give me an instance of that besides what you have mentioned? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  9. After the first few days Leo had given up going with his brother, for it turned out, indeed, that the two differed very widely in their ideas on the subject of sport. – Under a Charm, Vol. II. (of III) A Novel by E. Werner
  10. " I think it does," von Schlichten differed. – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  11. There existed some cases, however, which differed from the above. – Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism by Allen Putnam
  12. Travis had seen the logic in Buck's first suggestion, but now he differed. – The Defiant Agents by Andre Alice Norton
  13. It has been already pointed out that Jackson's dispositions for defence differed in no degree from those of the great Duke. – Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson
  14. The high priest and the king were great friends, though they differed from each other on matters of politics and religion. – Stories of the Prophets (Before the Exile) by Isaac Landman
  15. He differed from Jackson about the tariff, and all Jacksonville could know it. – Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters
  16. The front differed materially from that of the old house, in which each story had projected beyond the one below it. – When London Burned by G. A. Henty
  17. The uproar was now tremendous; and shouts of rage rose from the Northmen, who were amazed and puzzled by the appearance of the Saxons, whose attire differed but slightly from their own; and the general belief among them was that this sudden alarm was the result of treachery among themselves. – The Dragon and the Raven or, The Days of King Alfred by G. A. Henty
  18. In dress and appearance, the Andangle people differed in no wise from those of Kiangan. – The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon From Ifugao to Kalinga A Ride Through the Mountains of Northern Luzon With an Appendix on the Independence of the Philippines by Cornelis De Witt Willcox
  19. There were " Evaites" and " Abrahamites" in the community; for though the match had not yet been altogether broken, it was known that the two young people differed altogether on the question of the old man's deposition. – The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope
  20. Eve's methods differed from her father's. – An Amiable Charlatan by E. Phillips Oppenheim