Definitions of die

  1. To cease to live, or expire; to forfeit or give up life; to perish; to sink or faint; to langnish with affection, pleasure, or longing; to become more and more faint; to wither; to become vapid; to become indifferent, and as good as dead; to perish eternally.
  2. To mold, stamp, or cut ( a design) in metal.
  3. To suffer death; to lose life.
  4. To perish in any manner; to cease; to become lost or extinct; to be extinguished.
  5. To sink; to faint; to pine; to languish, with weakness, discouragement, love, etc.
  6. To become indifferent; to cease to be subject; as, to die to pleasure or to sin.
  7. To disappear gradually in another surface, as where moldings are lost in a sloped or curved face.
  8. To become vapid, flat, or spiritless, as liquor.
  9. To recede and grow fainter; to become imperceptible; to vanish; - often with out or away.
  10. To cease to live; expire; perish; wither; become extinct gradually; faint.
  11. To lose life: to perish: to wither: to languish: to become insensible:- pr. p. dying; pa. t. and pa. p. died ( did).
  12. To lose life; perish.
  13. To suffer death; decease; expire.
  14. pass from physical life and lose all all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life; " She died from cancer"; " They children perished in the fire"; " The patient went peacefully"
  15. suffer spiritual death; be damned ( in the religious sense); " Whosoever.. believes in me shall never die"
  16. disappear or come to an end; " Their anger died"; " My secret will die with me!"
  17. to be on base at the end of an inning, of a baseball player
  18. be brought to or as if to the point of death by an intense emotion such as embarrassment, amusement, or shame; " I was dying with embarrassment when my little lie was discovered"; " We almost died laughing during the show"
  19. feel indifferent towards; " She died to worldly things and eventually entered a monastery"
  20. cut or shape with a die; " Die out leather for belts"
  21. To cease to live; to expire; to perish; to lose life; to languish, as from weakness, discouragement, or love; to cease or become less distinct, as sound; to vanish.
  22. Dying.
  23. Small cubes used in play.
  24. a device used for shaping metal
  25. a cutting tool that is fitted into a diestock and used for cutting male ( external) screw threads on screws or bolts or pipes or rods
  26. lose sparkle or bouquet; " wine and beer can pall"
  27. to be on base at the end of an inning, of a player
  28. languish as with love or desire; " She dying for a cigarette"; " I was dying to leave"
  29. To pass from an animate to a lifeless state; to cease to live; to suffer a total and irreparable loss of action of the vital functions; to become dead; to expire; to perish; -- said of animals and vegetables; often with of, by, with, from, and rarely for, before the cause or occasion of death; as, to die of disease or hardships; to die by fire or the sword; to die with horror at the thought.
  30. Any small cubical or square body.
  31. That which is, or might be, determined, by a throw of the die; hazard; chance.
  32. That part of a pedestal included between base and cornice; the dado.
  33. A metal or plate ( often one of a pair) so cut or shaped as to give a certain desired form to, or impress any desired device on, an object or surface, by pressure or by a blow; used in forging metals, coining, striking up sheet metal, etc.
  34. A perforated block, commonly of hardened steel used in connection with a punch, for punching holes, as through plates, or blanks from plates, or for forming cups or capsules, as from sheet metal, by drawing.
  35. A hollow internally threaded screw- cutting tool, made in one piece or composed of several parts, for forming screw threads on bolts, etc.; one of the separate parts which make up such a tool.
  36. A small cube ( pl. dice); a stamp used for coining money, medals, etc.; a tool used in cutting the threads of screws or bolts, etc.; a kind of knife used by envelope makers, and in shoe factories.
  37. A small cube used in gaming by being thrown from a box: any small cubical body: hazard:- pl. DICE, dis.
  38. A stamp for impressing coin, etc: the cubical part of a pedestal pl. DIES, diz.
  39. Small cube used in gaming.
  40. A small figured cube ( see DICE); a cast, as in dice playing; stake.
  41. A hard metal device for stamping or cutting out some object, as a coin.
  42. A small cube with marks from 1 to 6 on the faces, used in gaming, by being shaken in a box and then thrown from it; chance; hazard.
  43. Died.
  44. Dice; a small cube, marked on its faces with numbers from one to six, used in gaming, by being thrown from a box; any cubic body; a flat tablet; hazard or chance; the cubical part of a pedestal, between its base and cornice.
  45. Dies; a stamp used for coining money, or impressing a device upon a piece of metal.