Definitions of devouring

  1.   of Devour
  2.   Consuming; wasting.
  3.   ( often followed by ` for') ardently or excessively desirous; " avid for adventure"; " an avid ambition to succeed"; " fierce devouring affection"; " the esurient eyes of an avid curiosity"; " greedy for fame"

Quotes of devouring

  1. When we cannot be delivered from ourselves, we delight in devouring ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran
  2. I was already devouring literature and I was the ripe old age of 15 when I decided to be an actor. I just thought plays were the most fantastic way of expressing life. I thought I'd discovered Shakespeare- 'hey, there's a new guy in town, don't know if anyone's read him.' I was just excited about the whole thing, from day one. – Chiwetel Ejiofor
  3. A truer image of the world, I think, is obtained by picturing things as entering into the stream of time from an eternal world outside, than from a view which regards time as the devouring tyrant of all that is. – Bertrand Russell

Usage examples for devouring

  1. “ " The fierce soldiers, with their faces blackened with the smoke of battle, the wounded, crawling with feeble limbs from the fury of the devouring flames, all seemed possessed of a common impulse. ” – Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson
  2. “ Wilson, the curious, was devouring her with her eyes. ” – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  3. Passion may burn like a devouring flame; and in a few moments, like flame, may bring down a temple to dust and ashes, but it is earnest as flame, and essentially pure. ” – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  4. Why, I was like a lion- restless- savage- all- devouring – The Journal of Arthur Stirling "The Valley of the Shadow" by Upton Sinclair
  5. How often she had stood at that very window devouring these same words, not realizing then, as she did now, what deep meaning was in each phrase, how the feeling expressed increased from the first to the last. ” – The Power and the Glory by Grace MacGowan Cooke
  6. She goes on devouring intensely absorbed, though she speaks. ” – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  7. Why, man, he continued, still standing with his hand on the door and his eyes devouring the scene, what is up? ” – The New Rector by Stanley J. Weyman
  8. This, as well, is full of food; being two- thirds of the world, and reserved for devouring knowledge; by the time the sons of men have fed away the dry land. ” – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  9. Whither turn to appease the hunger for gold which was devouring us? ” – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  10. The most poetic thing in the book is his face on the first page, with that eager, devouring soul in the eyes of it. ” – The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2) by Frederic G. Kenyon
  11. “ For reward, she found, on a bench outside the door, a nice bowl of milk with fine white bread and butter, and after devouring it eagerly, she fell asleep. ” – The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book by Constance Cary Harrison
  12. Our house was full of them, for my mother spent her days in devouring them. ” – A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O. F. Walton
  13. The brown eyes were still lit with a certain devouring eagerness. ” – Bye-Ways by Robert Smythe Hichens
  14. The only way to get there was to swim, for his boat which he had left that morning at the upper end of the lake could not have escaped the devouring flames. ” – Jess of the Rebel Trail by H. A. Cody
  15. Bull Hunter leaped from the rocks and started back for the town with long, ground- devouring strides. ” – Bull Hunter by Max Brand
  16. This went right to the cruel man's heart; he jumped in after her, carried her away from the devouring flames, and fell in love with her like a man. ” – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  17. He stood still a moment, devouring her with his eyes, and then she looked up and recognized him. ” – War-time Silhouettes by Stephen Hudson
  18. “ Lydia stood at the gate devouring the tree with her eyes. ” – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  19. In a little while we had overtaken the front wave, which was still devouring everything. ” – Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett Putman Serviss
  20. “ " And Terry won't see them because he will be thinking only of yourself," Eileen said, devouring sandwiches and hot cakes. ” – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan