Usage examples for devotional

  1. Teresa, is the Studio of Overbeck, the venerable German devotional painter, who died 1869. His daughter allows visitors to be admitted on Sunday afternoons. – Walks in Rome by Augustus J.C. Hare
  2. We soon found a more inviting place, but this being Sunday the proprietor gave us that quizzical look as if he regarded our journey as three- fourths epicurean and only one- fourth devotional. – See America First by Orville O. Hiestand
  3. But the proper function of the Organ is to support church singing and to stimulate devotional feeling. – Johann Sebastian Bach by Johann Nikolaus Forkel and Charles Sanford Terry
  4. Mr. Rathburn commenced in the usual manner; but after the devotional exercises were over, he paused, and, after a brief silence, during which those who had heard John's words listened with earnest attention, spoke as follows: " As I approached the schoolroom this morning I chanced to catch some words which I presume were not intended for my ear. – Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  5. He is a devotional rather than a theological writer, and his Holy Living and Holy Dying are religious classics. – Brief History of English and American Literature by Henry A. Beers
  6. His own spirit of prayer has been imparted to the multitudes, so that there has been a distinct revival in the devotional life of the church. – Leo XIII., the Great Leader by Rev. A. P. Doyle
  7. It was Jones, of course, who attacked Burns and secured the key to the captain's cabin; Jones who threw the axe overboard after hearing the crew tell that on its handle were finger- prints to identify the murderer; Jones who, while on guard in the after house below, had pushed the key to the storeroom under Turner's door; Jones who hung the marlinespike over the side, waiting perhaps for another chance at Singleton; Jones, in his devotional attire, who had frightened the crew into hysteria, and who, discovered by Mrs. Johns in the captain's cabin, had rushed by her, and out, with the axe. – The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  8. I think I might like to go to a cathedral for afternoon service, much as I like to spend my Sunday leisure in reading Milton, though I should not be satisfied to make my whole devotional exercises consist in reading " Paradise Lost." – Records of a Girlhood by Frances Ann Kemble
  9. Really, my dear Walter, I thought you did know better than to disturb my devotional frame of mind on this blessed Sabbath morn by forwarding me such a thoroughly worldly and evil- thought- producing thing as a wretched milliner's bill!!! – 'Phiz' (Hablot Knight Browne), a Memoir. by Fred. G. Kitton
  10. And when we remember that no experience of our devotional life is lost, surely we may regard it as worth while to submit ourselves to an experience by which, if only for a few minutes, we are thus lifted to richer levels of life and brought into touch with higher values? – The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  11. Before the blush he was devotional. – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett
  12. That the Frankish way has merits, all must allow; but ours, I do maintain, is more devotional. – The Valley of the Kings by Marmaduke Pickthall
  13. The effect of the early morning sun rising over the distant sea is of indescribable charm, and invests the scene with a poetic glamour which, as Morelli truly remarks, awakens devotional feelings. – Giorgione by Herbert Cook
  14. When these devotional exercises had been concluded, father Diego expressed the hope to him that he might then pass away, for it would be a misfortune by temporary convalescence to fall from the exaltation of piety which he had then reached. – History of the United Netherlands, 1598 by John Lothrop Motley
  15. There is only one idea there; and if any unwary insect were to come along, those devotional arms would be thrust out with incredible rapidity, and the unfortunate insect clasped tightly in them. – The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley
  16. It is a proper devotional beginning of the business of the day. – Leading Articles on Various Subjects by Hugh Miller
  17. Yet though his sphere was devotional, it was " impelled more by a material sense of beauty than by the deep religious feeling which inspired the Frate." – Fra Bartolommeo by Leader Scott (Re-Edited By Horace Shipp And Flora Kendrick)
  18. Like him, he wrote light verse and devotional poems, and, as in the case of Desportes, the religious poems are- rather contrary to the reader's expectation- the best of the two. – A Short History of French Literature by George Saintsbury
  19. For devotional purposes we think this book most valuable. – Evolution by Frank B. Jevons