Usage examples for determinants

  1. True it is that in sailing days his movements were to some extent limited by prevailing winds and by the elimination of impossible courses, but with steam even these determinants have gone, and there is practically nothing to limit the freedom of his movement except the exigencies of fuel. – Some Principles of Maritime Strategy by Julian Stafford Corbett
  2. The influences to which he has been exposed, daily and hourly, from the time of his birth onward, provide the specific determinants of most of his beliefs and views. – The Evolution of the Dragon by G. Elliot Smith
  3. There have been repeated efforts to discover, by measurements of various kinds, further and more decisive differences which would serve as really scientific determinants of race. – The Negro by W.E.B. Du Bois
  4. But since all living entities vary, the determinants must also vary, now in a favourable, now in an unfavourable direction. – Darwin and Modern Science by A.C. Seward and Others
  5. The determinants which are weakened by this diminished flow will have less affinity for attracting nutriment because of their diminished strength, and they will assimilate more feebly and grow more slowly, unless chance streams of nutriment help them to recover themselves. – Darwin and Modern Science by A.C. Seward and Others
  6. Factors as Universal Determinants in War. – Sound Military Decision by U.s. Naval War College
  7. If the child has certain visible characteristics more marked than either parent, it becomes possible only by the development of determinants which had previously been latent. – A Mechanico-Physiological Theory of Organic Evolution by Carl Von Nägeli
  8. And since the regular determinants of spoken rhythm are time and stress, it follows of course that pitch serves usually to reinforce these determinants. – The Principles of English Versification by Paull Franklin Baum
  9. Hence along with perfected determinants the idioplasm always contains growing and incomplete determinants. – A Mechanico-Physiological Theory of Organic Evolution by Carl Von Nägeli