Usage examples for despotism

  1. Meanwhile rapid strides were made towards despotism. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. In the first instance I consoled myself with the reflection that the world you had left was in a state of slavery and pressed down by the iron arm of despotism, and that to die was gain, not only in all the parson tells us, but also in our liberty; and, at the second intelligence, I moderated my joy for nearly about the same reasons, resolving, notwithstanding what Dr Middleton may say, to die as I have lived, a true philosopher. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat
  3. In the wreck of their social happiness, in the utter overthrow of their political freedom, they had still preserved the shadow, at least, of one great bulwark against despotism. – The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74 by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009
  4. This despotism, she further asserts, always continues so long as men are unqualified to judge with precision of their civil and political rights. – Mary Wollstonecraft by Elizabeth Robins Pennell
  5. Celebrated writers of France and England had already sketched good principles on the subject of government: yet the American Revolution seems first to have awakened the thinking part of the French nation in general from the sleep of despotism in which they were sunk. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  6. In theory the King owned everything, like an earthly providence; and that made for despotism and " divine right," which meant in substance a natural authority. – A Short History of England by G. K. Chesterton
  7. They will bear me witness that I have held out as long as I am allowed to, and that I have yielded to a military despotism that I could not avert the horrors of, or successfully oppose. – Portrait and Biography of Parson Brownlow, The Tennessee Patriot by William Gannaway Brownlow
  8. In my present position I could scarcely be justified were I to omit raising a warning voice against this approach of returning despotism. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  9. In 1821 he writes about the state of parties in the House of Commons:- " Of all ingenious instruments of despotism, I most commend a popular assembly where the majority are paid and hired, and a few bold and able men, by their brave speeches, make the people believe they are free." – Sydney Smith by George W. E. Russell
  10. My father's supremacy at home, the despotism he wielded, and the respect and deference he exacted, led me to infer that he exercised the same influence on the world at large; and that, as I had often heard, the only complaint against him in society was his exclusiveness. – That Boy Of Norcott's by Charles James Lever
  11. Since then Perfection has emancipated himself from the despotism of his musical tyrant- for whom he has, nevertheless, preserved the most touching affection- and now stands alone in his artistic greatness, one of the noblest phenomenal artists of all times. – Boris Lensky by Ossip Schubin
  12. It put a stop to the rapid progress of free sentiments in England, and gave our Court hopes of turning back to the despotism of the eighteenth century. – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats
  13. But this was simply the extremest case of violence on the part of thought, its highest pitch of despotism and sole dominion, the triumph of mind, and with it the triumph of philosophy. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner
  14. The Russian Government has been called despotism, tempered by assassination. – The New Irish Constitution by J. H. Morgan
  15. The result, of course, was despotism. – Hoosier Mosaics by Maurice Thompson
  16. It is not against the unhappy millions that are ground down under the iron heel of that enormous despotism. – Life in the Grey Nunnery at Montreal by Sarah J Richardson
  17. It is not sufficient to train technically in the trades and crafts and arts to the end of securing greater economic efficiency,- this may be accomplished in a despotism and result in no self- action on the part of the people. – The Holy Earth by L. H. Bailey
  18. Even the general of the company was forced to bend beneath the despotism he exercised upon all. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 13 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  19. Men struggled for the Right against the old despotism of Might, and planted their cause on foundations more enduring than Minnesota granite itself. – Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm
  20. He wrote a treatise on Despotism, published anonymously, 1770; defended the French Revolution and was made a French citizen. – A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler