Definitions of desert

  1. To run away from one's post.
  2. To abandon ( the service) without leave; to forsake in violation of duty; to abscond from; as, to desert the army; to desert one's colors.
  3. To leave ( especially something which one should stay by and support); to leave in the lurch; to abandon; to forsake; - implying blame, except sometimes when used of localities; as, to desert a friend, a principle, a cause, one's country.
  4. To forsake; abandon.
  5. To leave: to forsake.
  6. To leave; forsake.
  7. To leave unwarrantably; forsake; abandon.
  8. To abandon a service without leave; to quit military service without permission, before the expiration of one's term; to abscond.
  9. To run from duty.
  10. To run away: to quit a service, as the army, without permission.
  11. To quit a service without leave.
  12. To forsake a post or service without leave.
  13. To forsake; to leave without permission, in violation of duty.
  14. That which is deserved; the reward or the punishment justly due; claim to recompense, usually in a good sense; right to reward; merit.
  15. A deserted or forsaken region; a barren tract incapable of supporting population, as the vast sand plains of Asia and Africa are destitute and vegetation.
  16. A tract, which may be capable of sustaining a population, but has been left unoccupied and uncultivated; a wilderness; a solitary place.
  17. A deserved reward or punishment; merit.
  18. A wilderness; waste; a solitude.
  19. The reward or punishment deserved: claim to reward: merit.
  20. A desolate or barren place: a wilderness: a solitude.
  21. A desolate place; solitude.
  22. Desolate; uninhabited; barren.
  23. Merit; reward.
  24. Geog. A region destitute of vegetation, rainless, and commonly uninhabitable.
  25. The state of deserving, or that which is deserved; merit or demerit.
  26. A barren tract of land; a waste solitude.
  27. What one deserves either as reward or punishment. See Deserve.
  28. located in a dismal or remote area; desolate; " a desert island"; " a godforsaken wilderness crossroads"; " a wild stretch of land"; " waste places"
  29. Of or pertaining to a desert; forsaken; without life or cultivation; unproductive; waste; barren; wild; desolate; solitary; as, they landed on a desert island.
  30. Pertaining to a desert.
  31. Deserted: forsaken: desolate: uncultivated.
  32. Uninhabited; uncultivated; waste; desolate.