Definitions of descend

  1. To come or go down; to enter in; to fall upon or to invade; to proceed from a source or be derived; to pass from a preceding possessor according to law of succession; to pass from generals to particulars; to come down from a higher to a lower level morally or socially; to condescend; to pass from sharp to flat.
  2. To go down or downward; fall.
  3. To be handed down; be sprung or derived; with from, formerly of.
  4. To go down upon or along; to pass from a higher to a lower part of; as, they descended the river in boats; to descend a ladder.
  5. To go down or along.
  6. To go down upon.
  7. To enter mentally; to retire.
  8. To come down to a lower, less fortunate, humbler, less virtuous, or worse, state or station; to lower or abase one's self; as, he descended from his high estate.
  9. To pass from the more general or important to the particular or less important matters to be considered.
  10. To come down, as from a source, original, or stock; to be derived; to proceed by generation or by transmission; to fall or pass by inheritance; as, the beggar may descend from a prince; a crown descends to the heir.
  11. To move toward the south, or to the southward.
  12. To fall in pitch; to pass from a higher to a lower tone.
  13. To pass from a higher to a lower place; to move downwards; to come or go down in any way, as by falling, flowing, walking, etc.; to plunge; to fall; to incline downward; - the opposite of ascend.
  14. To make an attack, or incursion, as if from a vantage ground; to come suddenly and with violence; - with on or upon.
  15. To go or come down from a higher to a lower position; to come or fall violently or in force; as, the army was ordered to descend upon the town; be derived; fall in order of inheritance, or from one generation to another.
  16. To climb down: to pass from a higher to a lower place or condition; to fall upon or invade: to be derived.
  17. move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way; " The temperature is going down"; " The barometer is falling"; " The curtain fell on the diva"; " Her hand went up and then fell again"
  18. To go or come down.
  19. To walk, move, or pass downward on a declivity.