Usage examples for deplete

  1. Otah led one contingent and Mai- ak the other, strategy being to stem Kurho's strength high upon the valley- rim, deplete the enemy and then join force to hunt down any who sifted through. – The Beginning by Henry Hasse
  2. Why, this village would become a city in no time if such a thing were to happen; the whole region would fill up with miners, and not only would labor conditions be entirely upset for years, but the eyes of the world, being turned this way, other people might go into the fishing business and create a competition which would both influence prices, and deplete the supply of fish in the Kalvik River. – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  3. We must have the long vision, and not be scuppered by the fears of those who would deplete our most vital industry.... – The Burning Spear by John Galsworthy
  4. But it should be remembered that, with the recent great rise in prices, fewer skins may mean more money, and that even the establishment of fox farms, and the probable establishment of other fur farms, may not overtake the present increasing demand, which, in its turn, must tend to deplete the original source of supply still further, unless strict conservation is enforced. – Draft of a Plan for Beginning Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador by William Wood
  5. There he was ill received, for Ward, who during the whole day did not leave his house, feared an attack on Cambridge, dreaded to deplete his supply of powder, and only upon repeated representations ordered a couple of regiments in support of Prescott. – The Siege of Boston by Allen French
  6. This time I will only take Sherman with me, as I do not wish to deplete your little force by a single man. – The Courier of the Ozarks by Byron A. Dunn
  7. The distribution among the workmen of a large share of the profits accruing at the end of the first year might so deplete the financial reserves of the entrepreneur that he would be unable to meet the losses of the second year. – Problems in American Democracy by Thames Ross Williamson
  8. It was believed that, coupled with the desire to obtain recruits, and the intention of treating the Irish claim to a national existence as a thing of no consequence in order to secure them, there was the desire further to deplete Ireland of its Nationalist population and render its government by England easier in consequence. – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry
  9. To pay for a night's lodging would only still further deplete his scanty stock of cash. – Two Boys and a Fortune by Matthew White, Jr.
  10. I am not going to deplete my brigade, at this most critical time, by letting everybody go home who takes a fool's notion into his head that he wants to. – Rodney The Partisan by Harry Castlemon
  11. No good sportsman would ever deplete a stream of all its trout. – The High School Boys' Fishing Trip by H. Irving Hancock
  12. The sooner they can deplete the national treasury, the sooner can they become masters of the situation. – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  13. We cannot at this time of day afford to deplete the ranks of trade and let out the very life- blood in our veins. – The Burning Spear by John Galsworthy
  14. In order to deplete the ranks of non- Catholics, he had recourse to gross and unfounded charges of plots and conspiracies. – Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues by John Alberger
  15. However, the danger is that we shall only abuse our forests the more and further deplete the timber reserves of future generations as a result of extensive export trade. – The School Book of Forestry by Charles Lathrop Pack
  16. We deplete the colony for what is in reality only a handful of men, while it means much to us. – Six Letters From the Colonies by Robert Seaton