Definitions of denizen

  1.   A dweller; an inhabitant.
  2.   To provide with denizens; to populate with adopted or naturalized occupants.
  3.   To populate with citizens.
  4.   A dweller; in England, an alien made a subject by royal letters patent; a stranger admitted to certain rights in a foreign country.
  5.   An inhabitant: one admitted to the rights of a citizen.
  6.   To constitute ( one) a denizen; to admit to residence, with certain rights and privileges.
  7.   a plant or animal naturalized in a region; " denizens of field and forest"; " denizens of the deep"
  8.   a person who inhabits a particular place
  9.   An inhabitant; citizen.
  11.   To enfranchise; to make a denizen of.
  12.   One admitted to residence in a foreign country.
  13.   To make a denizen of, or admit to residence: to enfranchise: to provide with occupants.
  14.   One who is admitted by favor to all or a part of the rights of citizenship, where he did not possess them by birth; an adopted or naturalized citizen.
  15.   A citizen; inhabitant.

Usage examples for denizen

  1. The girl was undoubtedly wholly under his control; some denizen of the underworld probably. ” – The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish
  2. The abdomen moreover remains motionless and seems unskilled in those slaps, as of a washerwoman's bat, which the amorous denizen of the ash- tree so vigorously distributes with his belly. ” – The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
  3. It was plain to be seen that he was not a denizen of the town, or of that particular quarter. ” – The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  4. The afternoon was waning when Tharon rose swiftly and abruptly terminated this first visit inside his home of any Lost Valley denizen – Tharon of Lost Valley by Vingie E. Roe
  5. Viola, thou art the daughter of that life, and wilt be the denizen of that world. ” – Zanoni by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  6. It had been the fancy of the owner that not one of these on the lawn should be indigenous, and almost every country out of Europe was represented by one lovely forest denizen – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross
  7. “ No crime is mine, save that I sought A refuge past thy jealous ken, And peaceful arts to strangers taught, And mine own title hither brought, Before the laws of Englishmen, A banished denizen – Tales of the Chesapeake by George Alfred Townsend
  8. From time to time he transferred the flint- tipped spear to his left hand while he rubbed dry the sweating palm of his right against his loin cloth; for a slippery spear shaft could mean the difference between life and death in a battle with some savage denizen of this untamed world. ” – The Return of Tharn by Howard Carleton Browne
  9. “ For the first time I heard the word " denizen used by Mr. Crittenden. ” – Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 1 by George Boutwell
  10. First, I never knew a case in summer or early spring, when the birds were not confined to buildings but had free and open range, and only when confined during inclement weather, so that it is more or less a denizen of foul air and filthy quarters. ” – Natural and Artificial Duck Culture by James Rankin
  11. The first is the fact that a commission, although from a foreign State, taken by a British subject or denizen of England, and committed against British commerce, protected the party against the charge of piracy,- because the thing was taken as prize, and for adjudication according to the principles of the laws of nations, for which national action the nation which took it was responsible. ” – Trial of the Officers and Crew of the Privateer Savannah, on the Charge of Piracy, in the United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of New York by A. F. Warburton
  12. Besides ourselves, and Nont, and the Russian rabbits, there was only one other denizen of our Kingdom- a turkey with a broken leg, a lonely, lovable fowl which John, out of pity, raised to the peerage and the office of Prime Minister. ” – Olivia in India by O. Douglas
  13. This gave it an additional value in Susy's eyes, since, as a distinction, it was the next thing to being recognized by a denizen of the moon. ” – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  14. How, as his fiacre rolled along the well- remembered road- how completely he lived in that world of romance of which he denied himself to be a denizen – The Parisians, Book 10. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  15. Yes; there was the only real change: Amabel, gazing at her, somewhat as a nun gazes from behind convent gratings at some bright denizen of the outer world, felt it more and more. ” – Amabel Channice by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  16. It is met with upon the desert plains, far from either spring or stream; and it even seems to prefer such situations- perhaps from the greater security it finds there- though it is also a denizen of the fertile and wooded districts. ” – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  17. It is well worth a trip to California for the slothful, ease- loving denizen of lower countries, to see the country, and recover their manhood. ” – Journal of a Trip to California by the Overland Route Across the Plains in 1850-51 by E. S. (Eleazer Stillman) Ingalls
  18. “ Goisvintha, the army, the besieged city, the abandoned suburbs, seemed to hem him in like a circle of shadowy and threatening judgments; and in the midst of them stood the young denizen of Rome, with her eloquent countenance and her inspiring words, ready to hurry him, he knew not whither, and able to influence him, he felt not how. ” – Antonina by Wilkie Collins
  19. In the same way, the mollusc, for the most part a denizen of the seas, leads a blissful life in its shell, which is a defensive fortress rather than a garment. ” – The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
  20. Never before had the cave- man seen so many people at one time; and the noise and confusion affected him exactly as it would any jungle denizen – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne