Definitions of deliberate

  1. To weigh in the mind; consider; ponder; hesitate.
  2. To weigh in the mind; to consider the reasons for and against; to consider maturely; to reflect upon; to ponder; as, to deliberate a question.
  3. To reflect on; to think upon or consider; weigh in the mind; as, he deliberated the matter before deciding; ponder.
  4. To weigh in the mind; consider.
  5. To take counsel with one's self; to weigh the arguments for and against a proposed course of action; to reflect; to consider; to hesitate in deciding; - sometimes with on, upon, about, concerning.
  6. To take counsel with oneself or others.
  7. To consider the reasons for and against: to reflect upon: to discuss.
  8. To consider; reflect.
  9. To weight in the mind and consider well before determining or acting.
  10. To consider or examine; to balance in the mind; to weigh reasons for and against.
  11. Deliberator.
  13. Deliberately.
  14. by conscious design or purpose; " intentional damage"; " a knowing attempt to defraud"; " a willful waste of time"
  15. marked by careful consideration or reflection; " a deliberate decision"
  16. Formed with deliberation; well- advised; carefully considered; not sudden or rash; as, a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result.
  17. Not hasty or sudden; slow.
  18. Weighing facts and arguments with a view to a choice or decision; carefully considering the probable consequences of a step; circumspect; slow in determining; - applied to persons; as, a deliberate judge or counselor.
  19. Circumspect; slow in determining or in action; watchful; cautious; prudent; wary.
  20. Well considered: considering carefully: slow in determining.
  21. Well- considered; careful; slow.
  22. Acting with deliberation; slow; cautious; leisurely; intentional.
  23. Determining with deliberation; slow in determining; formed with deliberation; done with deliberation.