Definitions of Deemed

  1. of Deem

Quotes of Deemed

  1. Any attempts at humor immediately after September 11th were deemed tasteless. – Allen Klein

Usage examples for Deemed

  1. He would be deemed silly or mad; think of that- mad- for seeing visions, not holy at all! – The Soul of a People by H. Fielding
  2. She saw that he was disturbed about something, so that she deemed it best not to interrupt him. – The Mystery of the Four Fingers by Fred M. White
  3. The reason for the marriage was that Mary was about to become a mother, and it was for the sake of the child that they deemed it prudent to go through the ceremony. – The Love Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft to Gilbert Imlay by Mary Wollstonecraft Roger Ingpen
  4. At first there was a very natural hesitation to obey such an unexpected summons; but on second thoughts Ananda deemed it wiser to go than to refuse. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  5. Either he might have remained in the morass till the whole army was assembled, or, if this were deemed too dangerous, he ought to have advanced upon the city with the first division alone. – The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-1815 by G. R. Gleig

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