Definitions of decree

  1. issue or demand by decree
  2. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record ( as if issued by a court or judge); " a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"
  3. decide with authority
  4. decide with authority; " The King decreed that all first- born males should be killed"
  5. issue a decree; " The King only can decree"
  6. A decision, order, or sentence, given in a cause by a court of equity or admiralty.
  7. A determination or judgment of an umpire on a case submitted to him.
  8. An edict or law made by a council for regulating any business within their jurisdiction; as, the decrees of ecclesiastical councils.
  9. To determine judicially by authority, or by decree; to constitute by edict; to appoint by decree or law; to determine; to order; to ordain; as, a court decrees a restoration of property.
  10. An order from one having authority, deciding what is to be done by a subordinate; also, a determination by one having power, deciding what is to be done or to take place; edict, law; authoritative ru decision.
  11. To make decrees; - used absolutely.
  12. An ordinance, law, or edict; a judicial decision; the award of an umpire or arbitrator.
  13. To determine by a law, decision, etc.; ordain; assign.
  14. To make a law, decision, etc.
  15. An order; edict.
  16. To decide; ordain.
  17. To order, ordain, or appoint by law or by edict; issue a decree.
  18. A law; edict.
  19. Judicial determination of a case; an order or law made by a superior authority for the direction of others; established law or rule; the predetermined purpose of God according to which all things happen.
  20. To determine judicially; to fix or appoint.
  21. To make an edict; to resolve or determine.
  22. An order or law of an absolute sovereign; an edict or law made by a superior authority; in the Calvinistic system of theology, the pre- determined purpose of God; in Scot., a decision or final judgment of a court of law.
  23. To determine judicially; to fix or appoint; to constitute by edict.

Usage examples for decree

  1. She was his- his by the intervention and by the decree of Providence! – Charlotte's Inheritance by M. E. Braddon
  2. About B. C. 170, he issued a decree that all persons in his dominion must offer sacrifices to Zeus. – Hebrew Life and Times by Harold B. Hunting
  3. Any one of the boy slaves would willingly have taken his place, and allowed their old comrade to rest for the night; but Bill had been selected by the old sheik, and from his decree there was no appeal. – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  4. Even before the decree, patriotic feeling had, in East Prussia, established here and there similar rules. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag
  5. Perhaps it will be in vain, and our decree of no avail: at any rate we have still time for a fine experiment. – Thoughts Out of Season (Part II) by Friedrich Nietzsche
  6. An hour afterward the king wrote his letters, and Hardenberg drew up the decree removing York from the command of the army. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  7. Also your tale of the decree of the heavens and of that vision which led you to the precipice to save us is false. – Ayesha The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed by H. Rider Haggard
  8. The governor of the colony, Blanchelande, promised that when the decree should reach him officially, he would neglect it, and all applications from any quarter to have it enforced. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  9. But if you say divorce, I'll fetch her at once, and marry her as soon as you've got your decree. – Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
  10. I shall accept their decision as the decree of heaven. – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  11. That this decree was accepted without protest, nay appears to have caused no particular excitement, shows plainly the change that had come over the spirit of the Norsemen. – The Story of Norway by Hjalmar H. Boyesen
  12. The exemption herein provided for in a city or town shall not extend to more improvements or buildings than the residence and business house of the owner; and no judgment or decree or execution shall be a lien upon exempted property except as provided in this article. – How to Collect a Doctor Bill by Frank P. Davis
  13. She shuddered at such a decree. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
  14. From Lecorbeau's cottage the news of Le Loutre's decree spread like wildfire through the settlement. – The Raid From Beausejour; And How The Carter Boys Lifted The Mortgage by Charles G. D. Roberts
  15. When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder; then did he see it, and declare it; he prepared it, yea, and searched it out. – The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham
  16. Nature has bestowed upon them a certain rank, and limited the extent of their capacity by an impassable decree. – The Antiquity of Man by Charles Lyell
  17. But, though I bow to your decree, may I remind I you what it was that I always believed our final adventure would be? – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc