Usage examples for decorate

  1. It will decorate the fact that she can run a bus as well as a man. – Leaves in the Wind by A. G. Gardiner
  2. Those who died fighting will have such increase that a whole new generation, better even than the old, will be ready, no long time hence, to uphold and extend and decorate the Commonwealth of nations which their fathers and brothers saved from ruin. – England and the War by Walter Raleigh
  3. Their statues serve only to decorate a public garden. – Cæsar or Nothing by Pío Baroja Baroja
  4. So I said " I will decorate you right in the eye one of these days." – The Real Dope by Ring Lardner
  5. But she was born to decorate instead of to reason. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  6. Cut graham bread into round and heart shapes and put mixture between and decorate top with a little of the mixture. – Desserts and Salads by Gesine Lemcke
  7. She kept the kitchen extremely neat, and loved to decorate it with little ornaments, especially with flowers. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child
  8. At one time and another he had borrowed the dregs of paint- pots, and had endeavoured to decorate the exterior. – By Violence by John Trevena
  9. You won't make a factory look like a house, though you decorate its front and plant rose- bushes all round it. – Greenmantle by John Buchan
  10. But can you explain to me why, after taking all that trouble to decorate it, they should have disfigured it with those great smears of bitumen? – The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman
  11. They had begun to decorate the streets. – The King's Mirror by Anthony Hope
  12. The boys charged a quarter for every bouquet of pine- boughs they brought to decorate the cold, empty reading- room. – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield
  13. I'll tell you what, Molly, let's come back to- morrow and bring some little traps to decorate with. – Marjorie's Vacation by Carolyn Wells
  14. With the sad remembrances thus awakened, her tears flowed faster; and in the fulness of her heart she scratched the same sign in the earth round the grave- it would be a fence that would decorate it so well. – The Sand-Hills of Jutland by Hans Christian Andersen
  15. The directors are in the seventh heaven, they're getting ready to decorate and illuminate the Spa Hotel! – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  16. Then he was very happy, and began to decorate his hoop with the bright pink ribbon and shining brass bells which Mother had bought for him. – All About Johnnie Jones by Carolyn Verhoeff