Quotes of declared

  1. But my doubt would not be overcome. Kierkegaard had declared that it was only to the consciousness of sin that Christianity was not horror or madness. For me it was sometimes both. – Georg Brandes
  2. My mother learned that she was carrying me at about the same time the Second World War was declared with the family talent for magic realism, she once told me she had been to the doctor's on the very day. – Angela Carter
  3. When the government is handed over to the Iraqi Council on 30 June, many have declared oh, the Americans must never leave because civil unrest may erupt. Well, I agree, we cannot abruptly depart, but Iraq needs to step up to the plate on 30 June. – Howard Coble
  4. Well, you know, they were- they were a terrorist group. They- when I was kidnapped they published all of their statements about their war that they declared on the United States. – Patty Hearst
  5. Somehow I think it was declared very early on that I was the- if not the black sheep of the family, not a very good student. – Dustin Hoffman
  6. Men and women were declared equal one morning and everybody could divorce each other by postcard. – Kate Millett
  7. The first war zone was declared by Great Britain. She gave us and the world notice of it on the 4th day of November, 1914. The zone became effective Nov. 5, 1914. – George William Norris
  8. The reason given by the President in asking Congress to declare war against Germany is that the German government has declared certain war zones, within which, by the use of submarines, she sinks, without notice, American ships and destroys American lives. – George William Norris
  9. But the Wisdom of God, which is His only -begotten Son, being in all respects incapable of change or alteration, and every good quality in Him being essential, and such as cannot be changed and converted, His glory is therefore declared to be pure and sincere. – Origen
  10. He came by a leap to the goal of purpose, not by the toilsome steps of reason. On the instant his headlong spirit declared his purpose: this was the one being for him in all the world: at this altar he would light a lamp of devotion, and keep it burning forever. – Gilbert Parker
  11. No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age, but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose, and preaching candidly beloved and trusted creeds. – John Ruskin
  12. Many writers upon the science of political economy have declared that it is the duty of a nation first to encourage the creation of wealth; and second, to direct and control its distribution. All such theories are delusive. – Leland Stanford
  13. I have often talked with angels on this subject, and they have invariably declared that in heaven they are unable to divide the Divine into three, because they know and perceive that the Divine is One and this One is in the Lord. – Emanuel Swedenborg
  14. Well, today, we are in the struggle brought on to us by the terrorists of Islam. It is a war that we did not choose. It was a war that was declared against us as Americans, against our people, against our Constitution. – Todd Tiahrt
  15. Russia also declared its independence. This was approved by the Supreme Soviet, and you know and remember that there was the Declaration on the Independence of Russia. – Boris Yeltsin

Usage examples for declared

  1. " I will and must see him," she eagerly declared – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. " Why, none," he declared in great surprise. – Bolanyo by Opie Percival Read
  3. He should have gone in and declared what was in his mind to do. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  4. " You will never do it," I declared – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  5. " Well, we will stuff it with fire," she declared – A Man's Hearth by Eleanor M. Ingram
  6. " Of course we did," he declared – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln
  7. He was dressed in black, and looked pale and worn, but all the ladies declared that he was as good- looking as ever, and they were sure he was innocent. – The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
  8. " Oh, we couldn't possibly wait that long," declared the girl. – Dot and Tot of Merryland by L. Frank Baum
  9. " I feel better," he declared – Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less by Jennette Lee
  10. Was Raymond Latour as strong a man as some declared – The Light That Lures by Percy Brebner
  11. " I hate Leborge," declared Stuart, trying to speak as a negro boy would speak. – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  12. I again declared that I wasn't. – Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau
  13. " So'm I glad," declared Sue. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  14. I declared yesterday ... – Under a Charm, Vol. III. (of III) A Novel by E. Werner
  15. " No, I don't believe it does," declared Grace with a quiet smile. – Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College by Jessie Graham Flower
  16. Father, you always declared that- Never mind what I declared – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley
  17. " Never to Benton," she declared – Desert Dust by Edwin L. Sabin
  18. " I saw one at last," she declared – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln
  19. " I don't believe that," declared she. – The Price She Paid by David Graham Phillips
  20. " If anything should happen," he declared I'd be left here to die like a dog." – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson