Usage examples for debtor

  1. He appeared embarrassed, and his fine face worked, until I began to pity him, for it was evident he wished to show me in some way, how much he felt he was my debtor, and yet he did not know exactly what to propose. – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  2. Sirdar Baptiste was for sending a thousand sepoys to put the fear of destruction in the debtor; but the Dewan with his eye on revenue from crops, hit upon this plan of the loud- voiced one of brass. – Caste by W. A. Fraser
  3. This is only another example of the same quality which makes the Dickens of Little Dorrit insist on the degradation of the debtor, while the Dickens of David Copperfield insisted on his splendid irresponsibility, his essential emancipation. – Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens by G. K. Chesterton
  4. When no more silver came forth, he felt aware that he ought not to have dreamed of any reward for the help he had freely offered to his companion: and he asked himself whether his schoolfellows were altogether wrong in thinking him too fond of money; and whether he was altogether right in having said that it was justice that he cared for, and not money, when he had pressed his debtor hard. – The Crofton Boys by Harriet Martineau
  5. There was never question of debtor and creditor between them, and the offender met with no reproaches save his own. – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  6. You have trusted me with a good many cases, and I acknowledge myself your debtor, but in the matter of Sir Timothy Brast, you will forgive my saying with all respect, sir, that our ways seem to lie a little apart. – The Evil Shepherd by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  7. The debtor signs a bond sometimes not even knowing the conditions, more often having heard them but without any clear idea of their effect or of the consequences to himself, and as readily allows it to be registered. – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  8. The listeners had good reason to do so; but they had not only lost their fear of him- the fear which makes a coward of a brave man when he becomes a debtor- but had found his yoke so galling that they would have risked the worst by defying him in spite of it. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  9. These were immediately called together, and all that the ruined debtor possessed in the world given up to them. – Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them by T. S. Arthur
  10. He has made every honest man, North and South, his debtor, not for being able, for this he cannot help, but for being bold, and hitting hard. – The Life of Lyman Trumbull by Horace White
  11. Marcus, however, counting, as sons sometimes do in calculating their father's fortune, all the credit, and knowing nothing of the debtor side of the account, conceived his father's wealth to be inexhaustible. – Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond] by Maria Edgeworth
  12. Conversation may be patronizing, or it may leave us a debtor; when the book- seller's bill is settled, we have no account with the author. – Thoughts on Educational Topics and Institutions by George S. Boutwell
  13. Use em well, they'll use you better; In good turns they woont be debtor. – Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect by William Barnes
  14. The King of Spain was their debtor. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  15. He's collected his bills fairly well for a business life- time, but if a debtor fails to send in his check on the very day he begins to worry and fear lest he fail to receive it. – Quit Your Worrying! by George Wharton James
  16. Lord Castlefort also was his debtor to the tune of seven hundred and fifty, and the Baron was in his books, but slightly. – The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886 by Ministry of Education
  17. The mortgagee thus becomes a kind of trustee or agent for the debtor. – Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman by Albert Sidney Bolles