Definitions of debater

  1. One who debates; one given to argument; a disputant; a controvertist.

Usage examples for debater

  1. A successful debater shows nearly if not equal skill in tearing down his opponent's arguments as in building up his own. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  2. Just as the skillful teacher must know the difficulties that will arise in the minds of the pupils even though they are not expressed, so must the skillful debater consider the objections that his hearer will mentally set up against his argument. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  3. 4. Copy the following pairs of related words or related forms of words: labor, laboratory; debate, debater; base, based; deal, dealt; chose, chosen; mean, meant. – The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever Easley S. Jones
  4. The modern debater of the unpedantic, unscholastic school is not so fettered, and may often be seen galloping wildly about without any game in sight or scent, his maxim being to- Spur boldly on, and dash through thick and thin, Through sense and nonsense, never out nor in. – Logic, Inductive and Deductive by William Minto
  5. His influence was due to his reputation rather than to his power as a debater. – Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 1 by George Boutwell
  6. The senator rose and shook hands with the departing debater. – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde
  7. I think that a lot depends on choosing just the right person for our debater, and we ought not to trust to a haphazard election." – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  8. Calhoun was a great debater, but was too dry and hard for the highest eloquence. – Daniel Webster by Henry Cabot Lodge
  9. He was the best juvenile debater in the little old college on the slight hill overlooking the town. – Tales of the Chesapeake by George Alfred Townsend
  10. There is nothing of this kind in The Debater. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  11. For twenty years he was the most accomplished debater in the House of Commons, and yet he never succeeded in winning the full confidence of the nation, nor, except in foreign affairs, in leaving his mark upon our national policy. – Collections and Recollections by George William Erskine Russell
  12. The staff were able immediately to note, " Any apprehensions we may have felt on the morning of the publication of The Debater were speedily dispelled, when by nightfall we had disposed of all our copies." – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward