Definitions of dean

  1. United States film actor whose moody rebellious roles made him a cult figure ( 1931- 1955)
  2. ( Roman Catholic) the head of the College of Cardinals
  3. a man who is the senior member of a group; " he is the dean of foreign correspondents"
  4. ( Roman Catholic Church) the head of the College of Cardinals
  5. The collegiate officer in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, England, who, besides other duties, has regard to the moral condition of the college.
  6. The head or presiding officer in the faculty of some colleges or universities.
  7. A registrar or secretary of the faculty in a department of a college, as in a medical, or theological, or scientific department.
  8. The chief or senior of a company on occasion of ceremony; as, the dean of the diplomatic corps; - so called by courtesy.
  9. The head of a group of clergy in cathedral and collegiate churches; the member of a college faculty who supervises, or looks after, the students; the administrative officer of a college or university next below the president; the oldest member, by reason of service, in a body of men of a certain profession.
  10. A dignitary in cathedral and collegiate churches who presides over the other clergy: a priest who presides at local synods: the president of the faculty in a college.
  11. An ecclesiastical dignitary; president of a collegiate faculty.
  12. The chief office of a cathedral; an executive officer of a college.
  13. An ecclesiastical dignitary in cathedral and collegiate churches, and the head of a chapter; an officer in each college of the English universities; the head of a faculty in a university. Dean and chapter, a bishop's council to aid him with their advice in the spiritual and temporal concerns of his see. Rural dean, one who has the ordering of ecclesiastical affairs in a remote part of a diocese. Dean of guild, in Scotland, originally the head of a guildry, and, as such, a member of the municipality of a royal burgh, now a magistrate whose duty it is to see to the security of buildings, & c. The dean of faculty, the head of the faculty of advocates in Scotland.
  14. The second dignitary of a diocese; an officer in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge appointed to see to the discipline of the college, especially as to attendance at chapel and hall; the chief or head of a faculty.