Definitions of damp

  1. To make moist; dampen; discourage; check.
  2. To wet slightly: to chill: to discourage: to check: to make dull.
  3. To moisten; discourage; lessen.
  4. deaden ( a sound or noise), esp. by wrapping
  5. lessen in force or effect; " soften a shock"; " break a fall"
  6. To moisten; to chill: to weaken; to deaden; to check; to discourage Choke- damp, carbonic acid gas. Fire- damp, carburetted hydrogen. See Damps.
  7. To moisten; to make slightly wet; to depress or discourage; to weaken; to check or restrain.
  8. Being in a state between dry and wet; moderately wet; moist; humid.
  9. Dejected; depressed; sunk.
  10. a slight wetness
  11. Moisture; humidity; fog; fogginess; vapor.
  12. Dejection; depression; cloud of the mind.
  13. To render damp; to moisten; to make humid, or moderately wet; to dampen; as, to damp cloth.
  14. To put out, as fire; to depress or deject; to deaden; to cloud; to check or restrain, as action or vigor; to make dull; to weaken; to discourage.
  15. Moisture; fog: a poisonous gas sometimes formed in coal mines.
  16. Dampness.
  17. Vapor, mist: moist air: lowness of spirits:- pl. dangerous vapors in mines, etc.
  18. Moisture; moist air.
  19. Moisture; dampness; fog; mist; poisonous gas in mines.
  20. Moist air; humidity; fog; depression of spirits.
  21. Moist air; moisture; fog; vapour; depression of spirits; dejection.
  22. Damply.
  23. slightly wet; " clothes damp with perspiration"; " a moist breeze"; " eyes moist with tears"
  24. Moist; foggy; humid.
  25. Moist: foggy.
  26. Somewhat wet; moist.
  27. Clammy; cold.
  28. Moist; humid; depressed; chilled.
  29. In a state between dry and wet; moist; humid.