Definitions of dam

  1. To shut up; to stop up; to close; to restrain.
  2. To obstruct or restrain the flow of, by a dam; to confine by constructing a dam, as a stream of water; - generally used with in or up.
  3. To confine, or raise the level of, by a dam; restrain: usually with in or up.
  4. To keep back water by a bank or other obstruction:- pr. p. damming; pa. p. dammed.
  5. To restrain water by a bank, & c.
  6. To stop by a dam; restrain.
  7. To obstruct and collect by a dam; to confine or restrain.
  8. Damming.
  9. obstruct with, or as if with, a dam; " dam the gorges of the Yangtse River"
  10. A kind or crowned piece in the game of draughts.
  11. A barrier to prevent the flow of a liquid; esp., a bank of earth, or wall of any kind, as of masonry or wood, built across a water course, to confine and keep back flowing water.
  12. A firebrick wall, or a stone, which forms the front of the hearth of a blast furnace.
  13. A female parent; - used of beasts, especially of quadrupeds; sometimes applied in contempt to a human mother.
  14. A bank or wall across a watercourse; any man- made contrivance to stop the flow of water or gas; a female parent of mammals; a sheet of rubber used by a dentist.
  15. An embankment to restrain water.
  16. A mother, applied to quadrupeds.
  17. An obstruction to keep back water; a mother ( of brutes.).
  18. A barrier to check the flow of a stream.
  19. A female parent; said of the lower animals.
  20. A female parent, chiefly among quadrupeds; a human mother in contempt.
  21. A bank or mound of earth raised to obstruct a current of water, and collect it.
  22. A female parent, now used only for animals.
  23. A bank or mound of earth and stones; anything to confine wholly or partially a stream of water.
  24. Dammed.