Quotes of DADS

  1. One of the greatest challenges in collecting child support is that deadbeat dads move from job to job and state to state. it's hard to keep track of them. – Rod Blagojevich
  2. I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads He still acts like he's still 17. – Miley Cyrus
  3. It's not any desire on my part to start playing dads but it's a convention of drama. If you don't get the parts of young people going out to nightclubs, you have to play their fathers. – Ian Hart
  4. In too many cases, the moms, the dads the sisters and brothers of children with cancer must stand by a hospital bed and watch helplessly as this horrible disease consumes the life of an innocent child. – Michael McCaul
  5. It's like our country is being run by a bunch of bad alcoholic dads right now. – Patton Oswalt
  6. More of him came from my step -dad, who is now passed away. The initial creators of the show kind of based the character on their dads and then I added my dad. – Kurtwood Smith

Usage examples for DADS

  1. That's what dads are for. – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  2. " It doesn't seem to be me, Dads she had once explained, or tried to explain, to her father, who, in the depths of an armchair and the Sporting News, had no more idea of what she was talking about than the man in the moon. – Desert Love by Joan Conquest
  3. " Yes, dads said Rachel, " do please come down carefully." – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell
  4. None of you do what your dads did. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  5. Indeed, too much so, for then, to my regret, the " City dads passed an ordinance prohibiting the running of billiard rooms. – Twenty Years of Hus'ling by J. P. Johnston
  6. That's what these daughters do for their dads – Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon
  7. Oh, dads do take care! – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell
  8. There are some who sigh for riches, there are some who yearn for fame, And a few misguided people who no longer blush at shame; But the world is full of mothers, and the world is full of dads Who are making sacrifices for their little girls and lads. – The Path to Home by Edgar A. Guest
  9. Your dads run buffalo together before either of yuh was born. – The Lure of the Dim Trails by by (AKA B. M. Sinclair) B. M. Bower
  10. He hung on to the doctrines as well as the dollars of the dads it was a real thing with him. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  11. Come, lasses and lads, Take leave of your dads – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie
  12. Good, sound advice, Dads said Dotty; you're a gentleman and a scholar to look at it like that! – Two Little Women on a Holiday by Carolyn Wells
  13. If they won't put him in uniform, with cute little dew- dads on his shoulder, or let him wear $ 28 puttees that will take a mahogany finish, there's nothing to prevent him from turnin' loose that mighty intellect of his and inventin' new ways to win the war. – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  14. And the tablecloth with the do- dads on it. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  15. Dad is one of the best and most understanding Dads but I always do exactly as he tells me. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm

Rhymes for DADS