Usage examples for czerny

  1. Czerny himself was so much delighted with the genius of his charge that he refused to accept the three hundred florins stipulated for his lessons, saying he was but too well repaid by the success of the pupil. – Great Violinists And Pianists by George T. Ferris
  2. If you are heterodox you are eagerly questioned; if you follow Von Bulow and stand by the Czerny fingering, you are regarded as a curiosity. – Chopin: The Man and His Music by James Huneker
  3. Czerny, too, was punctuated with quick little forays between notes, into a paper bag of " baby pretzels" at the treble end of the piano, often as not lopping over on the keyboard. – Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  4. Kullak takes the slower tempo of Klindworth, believing that the old Herz and Czerny ideals of velocity are vanished, that the shallow dip of the keys in Chopin's day had much to do with the swiftness and lightness of his playing. – Chopin: The Man and His Music by James Huneker
  5. There were other eminent players, such as Hummel, Czerny, and Herz, contemporary with Moscheles and belonging to the same genre as a pianist, but these names do not stand forth with the same clear and permanent luster in their relation to the musical art. – Great Violinists And Pianists by George T. Ferris