Definitions of cure

  1. To restore to health; cause recovery.
  2. To eradicate, as disease; heal.
  3. To preserve, as fish, by salting and drying.
  4. To heal; restore to health; set free from; proserve by salting.
  5. To heal: to preserve, as by drying, salting, etc.:- pr. p. curing; pa. p. cured.
  6. To heal; to restore to health or soundness; to prepare for preservation.
  7. To heal; to restore to health; to remedy; to remove an evil; to salt, pickle, or dry for preservation.
  8. provide a cure for, make healthy again; " The treatment cured the boy's acne"; " The quack pretended to heal patients but never managed to"
  9. prepare by drying, salting, or chemical processing in order to preserve; " cure meats"; " cure pickles"
  10. be or become preserved; " the apricots cure in the sun"
  11. make ( substances) hard and improve their usability; " cure resin"
  12. Care, heed, or attention.
  13. Spiritual charge; care of soul; the office of a parish priest or of a curate; hence, that which is committed to the charge of a parish priest or of a curate; a curacy; as, to resign a cure; to obtain a cure.
  14. Medical or hygienic care; remedial treatment of disease; a method of medical treatment; as, to use the water cure.
  15. Act of healing or state of being healed; restoration to health from disease, or to soundness after injury.
  16. Means of the removal of disease or evil; that which heals; a remedy; a restorative.
  17. To heal; to restore to health, soundness, or sanity; to make well; -- said of a patient.
  18. To subdue or remove by remedial means; to remedy; to remove; to heal; -- said of a malady.
  19. To set free from ( something injurious or blameworthy), as from a bad habit.
  20. To prepare for preservation or permanent keeping; to preserve, as by drying, salting, etc.; as, to cure beef or fish; to cure hay.
  21. To pay heed; to care; to give attention.
  22. To restore health; to effect a cure.
  23. To become healed.
  24. A curate; a pardon.
  25. Treatment of disease by forms of hydrotherapy, as walking barefoot in the morning dew, baths, wet compresses, cold affusions, etc.; - so called from its originator, Sebastian Kneipp ( 1821- 97), a German priest.
  26. The act, or art, of healing; a remedy; spiritual charge.
  27. In France, a Roman Catholic parish priest.
  28. Care of souls or spiritual charge: care of the sick: act of healing: that which heals: a remedy.
  29. Act of healing; remedy; cure.
  30. A restoration to health.
  31. That which restores health.
  32. Spiritual care; a curacy; as, the cure of souls.
  33. The act or art of healing; restoration to health or soundness; that which cures or heals; the care or spiritual charge of souls; the office of a curate.
  34. A priest with a cure.
  35. The act of healing; a remedy for a disease; a care of souls; the spiritual charge of a parish; the parish itself.