Definitions of crisp

  1. To ripple.
  2. To crinkle; curl; make or become crisp.
  3. To curl; ripple; to make brittle.
  4. To curl or twist: to make wavy.
  5. To curl or make wavy.
  6. To form into little curls along an edge; to become brittle.
  7. make wrinkles or creases into a smooth surface; " The dress got wrinkled"
  8. To curl; to twist; to wreathe or interweave; to cause to wave slightly or ripple.
  9. To wrinkle; to curl.
  10. Crispness.
  11. Crisply.
  12. brief and to the point; effectively cut short; " a crisp retort"; " a response so curt as to be almost rude"; " the laconic reply; ` yes'"; " short and terse and easy to understand"
  13. pleasantly cold and invigorating; " crisp clear nights and frosty mornings"; " a nipping wind"; " a nippy fall day"; " snappy weather"; (` parky' is a British term)
  14. make brown and crisp by heating; " toast bread"; " crisp potatoes"
  15. Curling in stiff curls or ringlets; as, crisp hair.
  16. Curled with the ripple of the water.
  17. Brittle; friable; in a condition to break with a short, sharp fracture; as, crisp snow.
  18. Possessing a certain degree of firmness and freshness; in a fresh, unwilted condition.
  19. Lively; sparking; effervescing.
  20. Brisk; crackling; cheerful; lively.
  21. To curl; to form into ringlets, as hair, or the nap of cloth; to interweave, as the branches of trees.
  22. To make crisp or brittle, as in cooking.
  23. To undulate or ripple. Cf. Crisp, v. t.
  24. That which is crisp or brittle; the state of being crisp or brittle; as, burned to a crisp; specifically, the rind of roasted pork; crackling.
  25. Wavy; curled; brittle; cheerful; terse; sparkling.
  26. Curled: so dry as to be crumbled easily: brittle.
  27. Curled; wrinkled; brittle.
  28. Somewhat firm and brittle.
  29. With short stiff curls; indented; winding: brittle; brisk; fresh and firm.
  30. Curled; formed into ringlets or curls; brittle; easily broken short; in bot., having an undulated or curling margin.