Definitions of crank

  1. bend into the shape of a crank
  2. fasten with a crank
  3. rotate with a crank
  4. start by cranking; of engines
  5. A bent portion of an axle, or shaft, or an arm keyed at right angles to the end of a shaft, by which motion is imparted to or received from it; also used to change circular into reciprocating motion, or reciprocating into circular motion. See Bell crank.
  6. Any bend, turn, or winding, as of a passage.
  7. A twist or turn in speech; a conceit consisting in a change of the form or meaning of a word.
  8. A twist or turn of the mind; caprice; whim; crotchet; also, a fit of temper or passion.
  9. A person full of crotchets; one given to fantastic or impracticable projects; one whose judgment is perverted in respect to a particular matter.
  10. A sick person; an invalid.
  11. Sick; infirm.
  12. Liable to careen or be overset, as a ship when she is too narrow, or has not sufficient ballast, or is loaded too high, to carry full sail.
  13. Full of spirit; brisk; lively; sprightly; overconfident; opinionated.
  14. To run with a winding course; to double; to crook; to wind and turn.
  15. Liable to overset; top- heavy.
  16. A device for causing an axis or shaft to move; an iron brace; a fanciful form of speech; colloquially, a person who has too many whims and fancies.
  17. A crook or bend: a bend on an axis for communicating motion: a twisting or conceit in speech.
  18. Bent arm to an axis, to convert reciprocating into circular motion, or the reverse.
  19. A bent arm attached to an axis; or a bent portion of an axle, for converting rotary into reciprocating motion, or vice versa.
  20. An iron axis with a part bent like an elbow, for producing a horizontal or perpendicular motion by means of a rotary, or the contrary; any bend, turn, or winding; a sportive twisting or turning in speech; a caprice; an iron brace for various purposes.
  21. A caprice.
  22. Anything bent or turned; in a machine, an iron axis bent and jointed like an arm, used for changing a rotatory motion into a horizontal or perpendicular one, or the contrary; a metal brace.
  23. Liable to lurch or upset; shaky.
  24. Unsteady; easily capsized; shaky; lively.
  25. Liable to upset; crazy.
  26. Inclined to heel over, as a ship that wants steadiness; liable to be upset.