Definitions of courtroom

  1. a room in which a law court sits; " television cameras were admitted in the courtroom"

Usage examples for courtroom

  1. The bench of the courtroom, surmounted by a pitcher of ice- water and adorned by crayon portraits of New Babylonians learned in the law, of course stood consecrate to the speakers. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  2. His guards, there, surrendered him to courtroom guards and went away with almost hysterical haste. – The Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster
  3. The bar was filled with lawyers, and the courtroom was crowded with spectators. – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  4. At this there was much whispering in the courtroom.. – The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood
  5. Those four fingers peeping over each of her father's shoulders in the courtroom. – The Vertical City by Fannie Hurst