Quotes of countless

  1. Even the most wretched individual of our present society could not exist and develop without the cumulative social efforts of countless generations. – Mikhail Bakunin
  2. You shall always find what you created in your mind, for instance, a benevolent God or an evil Devil. Between them are countless facets. Therefore, concentrate on the depth of your consciousness and on what you consider to be positive and good. – Hans Bender
  3. The countless number of influential figures in American history who are of Caribbean heritage indicates the need to set aside a designated time to celebrate their contribution to our country. – Eliot Engel
  4. Countless as the sands of the sea are human passions. – Nikolai Gogol
  5. I went on countless auditions. I begged my parents until I finally was allowed to be in a theatrical play when I was 13. It was the most important thing in my life. – Kate Hudson
  6. I enjoy countless hundreds pursuing me. I love those who love me the most. I am sort of flattered by men showing attention to me. – Hedy Lamarr
  7. Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats. – Og Mandino
  8. I cite in my book countless examples of the foundational documents of the colonial period in America and the writings of the leaders, that this was intended to be a Christian nation. – Pat Robertson
  9. In general, the philological movement opened up countless sources relevant to linguistic issues, treating them in quite a different spirit from traditional grammar; for instance, the study of inscriptions and their language. But not yet in the spirit of linguistics. – Ferdinand de Saussure
  10. The mathematical framework of quantum theory has passed countless successful tests and is now universally accepted as a consistent and accurate description of all atomic phenomena. – Erwin Schrodinger
  11. I stand on the shoulders of countless people, yet there is one extraordinary person who is my life aspiration- that person is my mother, Celina Sotomayor. – Sonia Sotomayor
  12. In closing I wish to say that while I was sorely beset by a number of white riders in my racing days, I have also enjoyed the friendship of countless thousands of white men whom I class as among my closest friends. – Major Taylor
  13. Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come. – Serena Williams

Usage examples for countless

  1. Countless tears of joy were shed. – Henry of Ofterdingen: A Romance. by Friedrich von Hardenberg
  2. The light is reflected and apparently increased by the countless flowers overhead. – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant
  3. From the skirt of the wood at the end of the plain, a countless troop of these animals came rushing over it. – The Adventures of Daniel Boone: the Kentucky rifleman by Uncle Philip
  4. Edward will soon be in England; he will march hither himself; not at the head of such armies as you have discomfited, but with countless legions; and when he falls upon any country in indignation, the places of its cities are known no more." – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  5. And here, everywhere, are the foreign people in their ordered haste and their countless numbers. – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas
  6. Two years is too short a time in which to attempt to work the change in an individual that it has taken countless ages to accomplish in the white race. – The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  7. Now this experience has been repeated and testified to by countless millions of civilized men and women in all nations and all degrees of culture. – Thoughts on Religion by George John Romanes
  8. " And countless other things," added Marion. – Whispering Smith by Frank H. Spearman
  9. Countless were the flying sheets which were scattered about from all sides against him. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. I. by Gustav Freytag
  10. Countless memoirs have been published by those who lived in those heroic times. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  11. To me the greatest marvel is the countless the infinite number of the organisms that have existed, each with its senses and feelings, whose bodies now help to build up the solid crust of the earth. – Wild Life in a Southern County by Richard Jefferies
  12. Blood containing oxygen and carbon dioxid is flowing in countless tiny streams through the walls of the air cells of the lungs. – A Practical Physiology by Albert F. Blaisdell
  13. I seldom sang this child to sleep as I had done countless times with Mary Isabel. – A Daughter of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland
  14. We have already repeatedly mentioned the countless depredations of the inferior government agents. – Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. by Xavier Hommaire de Hell
  15. The foremost of them drew back when they saw Agatha come among them, and as she made her way to the front- door, they retreated before her, till she found herself standing on the top of the steps, and surrounded by what seemed to her a countless crowd of heads. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  16. And so forth from countless quarters. – The Bells of San Juan by Jackson Gregory
  17. Countless other people, Hunter knew, had realized that. – The Cartels Jungle by Irving E. Cox, Jr.
  18. She said nothing about it; her father, she knew, did not care so much for Pitt Dallas as she did; but privately she counted the days and measured the time, and went into countless calculations for which she possessed no sufficient data. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  19. Harley Greenoak has the reputation of having saved countless lives and got no end of people out of difficulties of one kind or another, yet he never talks about it, they say. – Harley Greenoak's Charge by Bertram Mitford