Usage examples for cottage

  1. Before he could say another word, I was out of the cottage. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins
  2. You know I meant to keep the cottage open and live there. – On the Church Steps by Sarah C. Hallowell
  3. We have a country cottage there, where we go in May. – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  4. Only that very week he had wanted me to go and address a little Cottage Meeting of some twenty working people, but I had refused. – Catherine Booth A Sketch by Colonel Mildred Duff
  5. Do you know how it is that there is no one at home up there at La Fosseuse's cottage? – The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  6. In the cottage the people had started a new dance. – Invisible Links by Selma Lagerlof
  7. Ray nodded abruptly, and I heard the door of my cottage open and close behind him. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  8. You don't know how we lived;- in a little cottage, with hardly any money, with nobody to come near us but they. – Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope
  9. And after the game he took me off to his cottage and gave me a drink. – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  10. I'll get to the cottage all right and be there when you come back." – Jack of the Pony Express by Frank V. Webster
  11. Love will make our cottage pleasant, And I love thee more than life. – The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886 by Ministry of Education
  12. In the village, any time after nine; a yellow cottage near the well. – The Slave Of The Lamp by Henry Seton Merriman
  13. " Yes, the children and I; it's not much of one- just a cottage, but perfectly comfortable in summer. – Sara, a Princess by Fannie E. Newberry
  14. At the door of the cottage sat an old, old man with white hair. – Five Little Friends by Sherred Willcox Adams Maud and Miska Petersham
  15. But I wish I could see the cottage. – Hoodie by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
  16. The cottage door was not closed. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  17. But no; Lilian was not at the cottage. – Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing
  18. I was born there, and married there, and have always lived at Branscombe with my people until my husband got work in this place; then we had to leave home and come and live in this cottage. – Afoot in England by W.H. Hudson
  19. I'm in the gardener's cottage. – The Gray Mask by Wadsworth Camp