Definitions of cookie

  1. 1. HTTP cookie.2. A handle, transaction ID, or other token ofagreement between cooperating programs. " I give him a packet,he gives me back a cookie". The ticket you get from a dry-cleaning shop is an example of acookie; the only thing it's useful for is to relate a latertransaction to this one ( so you get the same clothes back). Compare magic cookie; see also fortune cookie.3. A cracker term for the password liston a multi-user computer.4. An adjective describing a computer that justbecame toast.
  2. kook'i, n. a kind of sweet cake used at tea.-- n. COOKIE-SHINE, a tea-party. [ Dut. koekje, a cake.]
  3. See Cooky.
  4. A piece of information that a website stores on a visitor's hard drive so that the website can retrieve the information when the visitor returns to the site. For example, a website may use a cookie to retrieve a visitor's name and address so the visitor doesn't have to enter that information again. A website can legally use cookies to personalize a visitor's experience, to track a visitor's movements on a site or to target a visitor for specific advertisements. Generally, a cookie cannot be used to corrupt or steal data, such as an email address, from a visitor's hard drive.
  5. ( Scotch) plain bun; ( United States) small flat cake. [ Dutch]