[k_ə_n_v_ˈɜː_dʒ_ɪ_ŋ], [kənvˈɜːd͡ʒɪŋ], [kənvˈɜːd‍ʒɪŋ]

Definitions of converging:

  1.   Tending to one point; approaching each other. Converging rays, those rays of light which proceed from different points of an object and tend toward a single point. A converging series, that in which the magnitude of the several terms gradually diminishes. – Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.

Quotes for converging:

  1. You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one. – Sibel Edmonds

Usage examples for converging:

  1. Such a nature, one would think, must be the final blossoming of powerful hereditary tendencies, converging silently through numerous generations to its predestined climax. ” – Hunger by Knut Hamsun
  2. He seemed the vanishing point of these converging stripes, the object they were striving toward, the end they aimed for. ” – The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner
  3. At the moment the animal is released from the waggon he has been pulling, and should turn to the right or the left in order to allow it to pass him, the shoe either becomes wedged in between two converging rails, or is trapped by the wheel of the waggon. ” – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks
  4. If heat comes from the sun it must come in a column 93, 000, 000 miles long, 865, 000 miles in diameter, converging to 8, 000 miles at the earth's surface, which would destroy the sun or any known body in the universe to furnish such heat. ” – The Universe a Vast Electric Organism by George Woodward Warder
  5. She told how up in his tower he made you see the commerce of this whole mighty world of peace converging slowly on this port. ” – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  6. It is the custom in science, wherever regularity of any kind can be traced, to call the general proposition which expresses the nature of that regularity, a law; as when, in mathematics, we speak of the law of decrease of the successive terms of a converging series. ” – A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2) by John Stuart Mill
  7. But never surely had even travelled eyes beheld a nobler fantasy of Nature than that composed by these snows and forests of Lake Louise; such rocks of opal and pearl; such dark gradations of splendour in calm water; such balanced intricacy and harmony in the building of this ice- palace that reared its majesty above the lake; such a beauty of subordinate and converging outline in the supporting mountains on either hand; as though the Earth Spirit had lingered on his work, finishing and caressing it in conscious joy. ” – Lady Merton, Colonist by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  8. But between the moors and Ponteglos the valley wound for fourteen miles or so between secular woods, so steeply converging that for the most part no more room was left at the bottom of the V than the river itself filled. ” – The Delectable Duchy by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  9. Evidently the threads of this political drama were converging to a catastrophe, and it might prove a tragical one. ” – The Life of John of Barneveld, 1618 by John Lothrop Motley
  10. In front of them they saw the numerous caravans, now more distinct, converging from left and right slowly to this great isle of the desert which stretched in a straight line to the minarets. ” – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens

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