Definitions of continue

  1. To remain; to last; to endure; to persevere.
  2. To carry on without interruption; persist in; extend or prolong; postpone or keep undecided; as, to continue a law case.
  3. To draw out or prolong: to extend or increase in any way: to unite without break: to persist in.
  4. To persist in; carry on; extend.
  5. To extend or prolong.
  6. To remain; abide; endure; persevere.
  7. To remain in the same place or state: to last or endure: to persevere.
  8. To remain; keep on; endure.
  9. allow to remain in a place or position; " We cannot continue several servants any longer"; " She retains a lawyer"; " The family's fortune waned and they could not keep their household staff"; " Our grant has run out and we cannot keep you on"; " We kept the work going as long as we could"
  10. continue a certain state, condition, or activity; " Keep on working!"; " We continued to work into the night"; " Keep smiling"; " We went on working until well past midnight"
  11. continue in a place, position, or situation; " After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser"; " Stay with me, please"; " despite student protests, he remained Dean for another year"; " She continued as deputy mayor for another year"
  12. To remain in a given place or condition; to remain in connection with; to abide; to stay.
  13. To be permanent or durable; to endure; to last.
  14. To be steadfast or constant in any course; to persevere; to abide; to endure; to persist; to keep up or maintain a particular condition, course, or series of actions; as, the army continued to advance.
  15. To unite; to connect.
  16. To protract or extend in duration; to preserve or persist in; to cease not.
  17. To carry onward or extend; to prolong or produce; to add to or draw out in length.
  18. To retain; to suffer or cause to remain; as, the trustees were continued; also, to suffer to live.
  19. To be durable; last; endure; abide; keep on; persist.
  20. To abide or remain in a state or place; to endure; to extend from one thing to another; to protract; to persevere in.