Definitions of continent

  1. one of the large landmasses of the earth; " there are seven continents"; " pioneers had to cross the continent on foot"
  2. A large division of land; as, the continent of North America; mainland: Continent, the mainland of Europe.
  3. A large extent of land not broken up by seas: the mainland of Europe: one of the great divisions of the land surface of the globe.
  4. One of the great divisions of the earth.
  5. One of the great bodies of land on the globe.
  6. A great extent of land, not disjoined or interrupted by a sea; a connected tract of land of great extent; the mainland of Europe; that which contains anything.
  7. A large extent of land containing many countries; the mainland; the countries of the mainland of Europe, especially as distinguished from the British Islands.
  8. Continently.
  9. abstaining from sexual intercourse; " celibate priests"
  10. Serving to restrain or limit; restraining; opposing.
  11. Exercising restraint as to the indulgence of desires or passions; temperate; moderate.
  12. Abstaining from sexual intercourse; exercising restraint upon the sexual appetite; esp., abstaining from illicit sexual intercourse; chaste.
  13. Not interrupted; connected; continuous; as, a continent fever.
  14. That which contains anything; a receptacle.
  15. One of the grand divisions of land on the globe; the main land; specifically ( Phys. Geog.), a large body of land differing from an island, not merely in its size, but in its structure, which is that of a large basin bordered by mountain chains; as, the continent of North America.
  16. Temperate; exercising self- control.
  18. Holding in or restraining the indulgence of pleasure, especially of sexual enjoyment: temperate: virtuous.
  19. Refraining from the indulgence of the appetites; chaste.
  20. Self - restrained; abstinent; chaste.
  21. Chaste; abstaining from the indulgence of sexual intercourse; moderate in the indulgence of lawful pleasure; temperate; continuous; not interrupted; containing.
  22. Restrained; moderate; temperate; chaste.