Definitions of constitutional

  1. a regular walk taken as a form of exercise
  2. sanctioned by or consistent with or operating under a constitution; " the constitutional right of free speech"; " constitutional government"; " constitutional guarantees"
  3. of benefit to or intended to benefit your physical makeup; " constitutional walk"
  4. Constitutionally.
  5. Belonging to, or inherent in, the constitution, or in the structure of body or mind; as, a constitutional infirmity; constitutional ardor or dullness.
  6. In accordance with, or authorized by, the constitution of a state or a society; as, constitutional reforms.
  7. Regulated by, dependent on, or secured by, a constitution; as, constitutional government; constitutional rights.
  8. Relating to a constitution, or establishment form of government; as, a constitutional risis.
  9. For the benefit or one's constitution or health; as, a constitutional walk.
  10. A walk or other exercise taken for one's health or constitution.
  11. Inherent in the make- up of a person or thing; fundamental; in accordance with the fundamental law of a state or society.
  12. Colloquially, a walk taken for the benefit of the health.
  13. Inherent in the natural frame: natural: agreeable to the constitution or frame of government: legal: a CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT is one where the ruler is subject to fixed laws. See ABSOLUTE.
  14. A walk for the sake of one's health.
  15. Constitutionality.
  16. Inherent in, or consistent with, the constitution.
  17. Pertaining to, consistent with, or controlled by a constitution; lawful.
  18. Inherent in the constitution or natural frame; consistent with or authorized by the constitution or fundamental rules of a government.
  19. A walk for the benefit of one's health. Constitutional government, one in which the chief of the state is in his sovereign capacity subject to the constitution.
  20. Inherent in the natural frame of the body or mind; legal; relating to the constitution of a country.
  21. In familiar language, a brisk walk taken for preserving bodily health.

Usage examples for constitutional

  1. But let us consider how much Spencer puts to the credit of his " constitutional units." – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  2. The resignation of President Diaz in May, 1911, was accepted as a proof of the popular character and the success of the revolution, and Madero, who was elected president in October, was promptly recognized as the constitutional head of the Mexican Government. – The Path of Empire A Chronicle of the United States as a World Power, Volume 46 in The Chronicles of America Series by Carl Russell Fish
  3. As the British Parliament and the British Constitution have in the past been accepted as a model in countries seeking free political institutions, so to- day our Parliament and our Constitutional Government are still quoted with approval and admiration in those lands where these institutions are yet to be tried. – The Rise of the Democracy by Joseph Clayton
  4. There is marked constitutional disturbance. – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson
  5. Constitutional provisions may also affect the question. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD
  6. The aim of this chapter is not to pass judgment upon democracy, but rather to outline the essential characteristics of American constitutional government. – Problems in American Democracy by Thames Ross Williamson
  7. In some cases the cause seems to be constitutional; in others, local. – The Veterinarian by Chas. J. Korinek
  8. There are fundamental constitutional differences between man and woman. – The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.
  9. You'll find the farmers presently having it written down that all hens must hatch their eggs in a week, and next, a league of earnest women will advocate a Constitutional amendment that men only shall bring forth children. – Lady Baltimore by Owen Wister
  10. Is the act of congress known as the legal tender act constitutional as to contracts made before its passage? – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  11. Thirdly, that a circle of clever fellows, who meet together to dine and have a good time, have signed a constitutional compact to glorify themselves and to put down him and the fraction of the human race not belonging to their number. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  12. The judges, believing the law constitutional, had a right to pass a sentence of fine and imprisonment, because the power was placed in their hands by the constitution. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  13. The bulk of the Members of Parliament retired to the South, where they continued to act as a Parliament and to regard themselves as the sole source of constitutional government. – The Problem of China by Bertrand Russell
  14. But whether the policy was right or wrong it has unquestionably been approved by the best thought in the country, a fact which throws a very interesting light upon the constitutional aspects of the Department. – Ireland In The New Century by Horace Plunkett
  15. The Constitutional Democratic party is strong in the cities. – The Russian Revolution; The Jugo-Slav Movement by Alexander Petrunkevitch, Samuel Northrup Harper, Frank Alfred Golder, Robert Joseph Kerner