Definitions of consent

  1. To agree or assent; to yield.
  2. To comply; yield; accede; concur; agree.
  3. To feel or think along with another: to be of the same mind: to agree: to give assent: to yield.
  4. To agree; give assent.
  5. To yield voluntarily; accede; acquiesce.
  6. give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; " I cannot accept your invitation"; " I go for this resolution"
  7. To yield; to agree in mind and will; to permit.
  8. To agree in opinion or sentiment; to be of the same mind; to accord; to concur.
  9. To indicate or express a willingness; to yield to guidance, persuasion, or necessity; to give assent or approval; to comply.
  10. To grant; to allow; to assent to; to admit.
  11. Correspondence in parts, qualities, or operations; agreement; harmony; coherence.
  12. Voluntary accordance with, or concurrence in, what is done or proposed by another; acquiescence; compliance; approval; permission.
  13. Capable, deliberate, and voluntary assent or agreement to, or concurrence in, some act or purpose, implying physical and mental power and free action.
  14. Sympathy. See Sympathy, 4.
  15. A yielding of the mind or will; agreement.
  16. Agreement: accordance with the actions or opinions of another: concurrence.
  17. Agreement; concurrence; permission.
  18. Agreement; concord.
  19. Agreement to what is done, proposed, or stated by another; acquiescence; concurrence; accord of minds; agreement of opinion; correspondence in parts, qualities, or operation.
  20. A yielding of the mind or will to the proposals or conditions of another; a conceding what may be withheld; concurrence; agreement.